Discussion on the 2011 B2C list

Discussion on the 2011 B2C list

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e-commerce development in China is the fastest period of 2008-2010 years, this is an undeniable fact. Whether it is C2C or B2C, to double the growth rate to calculate.

but in 2011 we found significant declines in e-commerce. What are the reasons? There are only two answers:

1, electricity supplier competition more intense, the original growth rate dispersion.

2, the electricity supplier website (group purchase website the demise of the collective defeat)

words back to the original title 2011 B2C list of the top three is still Tmall, Jingdong, and amazon. Annual turnover growth rate was 206%, 202%, 100%. But the fourth can be said to be

a surprise sleeper — suning.com, a growth rate of 490%. This is the place to study.

one, serious false transactions, the data is not true

Tmall (that is, Taobao mall) is undoubtedly the most powerful B2C platform, the obvious advantages of the platform. 206% but I think not so much, familiar with Taobao knows that consumers have a habit of action, whether to buy any goods, consumer inquiries are according to sales inquiries, which led to the seller in order to get more traffic, more transactions, the product line into the number of brushes. This is also on Tmall. In my opinion, Tmall’s turnover should be around 130-160.

two, suning.com

A new force suddenly rises.There’s a saying "if Suning entered the electric business flow

electric business circle, there will be no Jingdong", it is affected by this sentence, now suning.com entered the business of electricity. Most people think that suning.com began to enter the electricity business is suicidal, because the above giant Jingdong. And now it seems not so. In the development of their own at the same time, reducing the profits of Jingdong. Suning.com why so quickly, it seems to me that there are two months for:

1, to enter the electricity supplier’s attention

Suning from the overwhelming advertising and promotion of electricity supplier recruitment information will be able to reflect the

2, cooperation with Taobao

this is the main reason for the rapid increase, we all know that Taobao is the focus of the country’s largest online shopping consumers. Suning and Taobao can be said that cooperation is a win-win cooperation, Taobao won the cost of advertising, while suning.com gained flow. In this way, the 3C industry price war will not stagnate. Jingdong and the only advantage of logistics.

has been in the past 11 years, 12 years of business competition will be more intense, hope to communicate with you to have a brick tile is not lost,


e-commerce in China is the fastest growing period of 2008->

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