Jingdong rural electricity supplier Ali fight in full swing Suning has pulled to the Ministry of a

Jingdong rural electricity supplier Ali fight in full swing Suning has pulled to the Ministry of a

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rural electricity supplier this big market more and more lively, this time, Suning pull to the Ministry of agriculture joined Ali, Jingdong of the war.


yesterday, at a Su Ning sponsored "Internet plus modern agriculture" theme of the forum, Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong said that the rural market has become a strategic development project of Suning Internet retailing. To this end, Suning has formed three goals, the "three cloud services" and "when the five mode" as one of the rural electricity supplier strategy.

at the same time, Suning also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Ministry of agriculture, in order to promote the layout of agricultural electricity supplier, but did not disclose the specific content of the agreement.

seems to Zhang Jindong, the development of rural electricity providers, we must always focus on industrial products to the countryside and agricultural products into the city two things, only to do these two things at the same time, rural electricity supplier in order to achieve sustainable development.

for how to achieve large-scale development of rural electricity supplier, Zhang Jindong said to rely on Logistics cloud, financial cloud, data cloud to the rural market penetration. Data show that Suning logistics has been achieved on the 2852 districts covering the city, and the implementation of the third party payment tool to pay treasure, consumer financial products and other financial products will pay "going to the countryside", this year 1 to August, the consumption data of traction, Suning completed a total of 239 projects in the agricultural products raise.

in fact, in May this year, Suning has shown into the rural electricity supplier determination, claiming to be in 2016 50 investment million to build 1500 stores. On May 10th, Suning established a rural business school, to the rural electricity supplier business model study and training of rural electricity supplier for the purpose of professional, in a sense, Suning rural electricity supplier strategy is a strategy of talent.

and Suning relative to the game between Ali and Jingdong.

in all Internet giants, Ali is the first to extend the tentacles to rural electricity providers. From 2003 to 2012 to build Taobao village, "Suichang model", and then to 2014 "1000 million County village plan", 2015 is the introduction of "rural wisdom", to promote Ali established a set of "government + farmers + association + cooperatives + shop taobao.com" cooperation mechanism.

to February of this year, Ali is an agreement with the national development and Reform Commission, the agreement shows that the two sides will jointly support the next three years to return home electricity supplier business. Specifically:

, the NDRC will integrate resources, promote and guide the pilot areas to advance cooperation with Alibaba, Taobao rural projects at the same time, to encourage the pilot areas to carry out according to the relevant government service personnel in rural areas, Taobao partner, Amoy helper rural electricity supplier service system to participate in staff training activities, good publicity and guidance and other related work.


, is provided including the rural electricity supplier, rural electricity supplier project ground support, air plant project docking pilot areas, to achieve.

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