nternet personalized domain name registration is expected to release in 2009

nternet personalized domain name registration is expected to release in 2009

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, Paris, June (reporter Li Xuemei) – internet name and number distribution company (ICANN) responsible person, the organization intends to release the first 23 quarters of the Internet domain name registration restrictions. This means that from the beginning of next year, whether it is the company or Internet users are likely to register personalized domain name.

ICANN twenty-third annual meeting is currently held in Paris. 23 published in the French "Les Echos" quoted ICANN CEO Paul · Toomey’s words, the meeting will be held 26 days of open personalized domain name registration plan for a final vote.

Toumi said that if the plan is approved, since 2009, about 1 billion 300 million of the world’s Internet users will be free to create a personalized domain name, such as suffix.Amour (French, meaning love) domain name. Toomey said, the new domain name will no longer confined to the English letters, the organization has been tested in 15 languages, including Chinese. He said that although technically challenging, but with the development of the Internet, personalized domain name registration has become a necessary measure.

figure meters, relax the restrictions on domain name registration, does not mean that people can create an arbitrary domain. In the 4 case, their demands are likely to be rejected: a new domain name and trademark infringement of enterprises, such as "apple" because it belongs to the Apple Com puter Inc in the United States, can not be used again; some two new domain name, domain name and are too similar, such as "Kom" or "comm" because and now commonly used "com", is likely to be banned; three, the new domain name and some well-known organizations and groups of the same name; four, the new domain name has bad influence on the public order and social morality.

ICANN was founded in October 1998, headquartered in California, is a non-profit international organization. Its main functions include the management of Internet top-level domain name, the Internet IP address space allocation.

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