Kobayashi grass root only a little prospect of entrepreneurship

Kobayashi grass root only a little prospect of entrepreneurship

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Xu Xiaoping in an entrepreneur said in an interview, he summed up a law that he valued only model ignored the project, most failed, but that is because love this person and the most successful investment project. In particular, the early investment is the investment." I do not know how much this rule for investors, especially early investment, the number of universal value, but at least it shows that people are the starting point of entrepreneurship. As the "entrepreneur" under the banner of the technology blog, "carp" fast focusing business circle, in addition to reports at home and abroad venture entrepreneurs also reported, "grass root" column launched a counter attack. Not those who achieve success and win recognition of entrepreneurs, but those who are still on the road or will soon be on the road of entrepreneurship.

these people like our classmates and friends around, they have no background, or too many resources, and even a lot of people have no Western style full degree, but they have independent thinking and judgement of the industry, with the experience of the past. Of course, this is not to write the story of suffering plate entrepreneurs, not to speak of success, nor the analysis of entrepreneur’s personal journey, this column is to record these entrepreneurs’ growth experience, or in the creation, doubt, mistakes, reconstruction of the facts and causality.

when I put forward Kobayashi as "counterattack grass root" section of the reported figures, and casually said, "he just like to travel to Dubai," a few of my colleagues at the same time almost beat the table envy at me shouted a roaring style "which is the grass root?!!!", unabashedly shows the character of our grass root. Uh huh, grass root is a state of mind, who said that entrepreneurs can not go to Dubai

?The full name of

Lin Lin Xing Lu, Lin is in his name, he became Haiwei Ying users on the Internet, is the name of the. He is 80 years old, junior middle school, not to buy a fake diploma, did not read technical school, with a 386 self programming, the first company he entered the Internet industry is Ying Haiwei, this is the first Chinese Internet access service providers in Zhongguancun, billboards "Chinese, from the information highway and how far is it?", one thousand and five hundred meters to the North has milepost type to create meaning in the Internet industry in Chinese. At the age of 17 Lin Xinglu became Ying Haiwei "Youth Network", and later his work experience, almost contains several important Chinese Internet company early in the process, now focus on entrepreneurship in the field of mobile education.


Beijing letter Technology Co., Ltd. founder Lin Xing Lu

letter technology focus on mobile education field, the team’s brand called MobEdu.

in 1997, at the age of 17 to join the Haiwei Ying


joined runxun group

2001, Henderson joined Wei >

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