Micro business life and death small is strong big is dead

Micro business life and death small is strong big is dead

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Abstract: small is strong, big is dead, correct is your micro business thinking on the wrong, but on the social electricity supplier of a healthy future.


yesterday, the article discusses the micro titanium media providers why branded as the "pyramid schemes" hat after the publication of the article, accidentally get a lot of attention micro business practitioners, one day there are hundreds of people with my friend WeChat consulting next derivative should decide on what path to follow. Indeed, the do not know how to answer, because there is no way to those obsessed by derivative "undertaking" the people pour cold water, but why is a derivative of the original business forms will represent the general trend in moral rejection of the prison, in addition to the marketing mode of "brainwashing" propaganda, and hierarchical agency business model and what is the deep reason? As a new business form, why derivative will end is the evolution or alienation emerge of itself and perish of itself, completely out of control, road in the end where


to figure out this problem, it is necessary to clarify the micro business is how to produce what is the status quo and the future will show what shape?

remember last year, who is also the Erlang titanium media wrote an article of "micro business regarded as hopeless. go, social power?", defined clearly, micro business is derived from the social software platform in the form of business ecosystem, essentially belongs to the social business, its advantage lies in:

1, there are time, flow, social platform will cover a large number of potential customer groups, and occupy a large number of fragmented time to provide the basis for the flow of consumer behavior;

2, there are trust, emotion, social networking platform based on the ecological relationship between acquaintances will break the trust of the existence of consumer behavior threshold, but also through the emotional acceleration stimulation;

3, there are scenes, sticky, social platform as a circle of life, there is a sharing between users, the epidemic of consumer scenarios, and can be produced in the high frequency, the impact of continuous consumption of sticky;

in short, social electricity supplier to solve the traditional electricity shortage of traffic, lack of core competitiveness, lack of sustained viability problems, can change the "large-scale, standardization, competition of" traditional jungle "in the bloody price war, fake products, credit overdraft, survival of the fittest" vicious, will open up a whole new based on "personalized and emotional support," the community ecological electricity supplier.

derivative can breed in the social platform under the soil, it is because the new ecological community electricity supplier can resolve the problems existing in the traditional ecology electricity supplier, is a form of business progress, represent the general trend.

so, the initial micro business ecology is highly fit social electricity supplier ecology. A painter, painted many paintings in his spare time, through the circle of friends of the show, attracted some attention of micro friends, not want to buy; a IT male home, found his hometown of hickory cooked, share in the circle of friends, many friends asked to buy a beauty, >;

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