The electricity supplier giants lift June promotion battle group purchase Juhuasuan Wang joined the

The electricity supplier giants lift June promotion battle group purchase Juhuasuan Wang joined the

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In June

, a Jingdong, Tmall,, Yi Xun, Dangdang and other electricity providers involved in fighting the giant electricity supplier promotional war, has killed like a raging fire. Unlike previous years, this year the group purchase website is also lonely, began to have joined the fray. In June 5th, the three anniversary of glutinous rice network by 14, a high-profile war; King launched the three anniversary group purchase Thanksgiving promotions, spent one million rebate amount, to join this round of promotional war. 18, 2009, Juhuasuan also launched a heavy promotion.

5: glutinous rice network launched a big promotion activities

June 5th, glutinous rice nets first fired the first gun group purchase industry, officially opened the prelude to the three anniversary of glutinous rice group purchase the strongest large-scale promotional activities. Glutinous rice network to join the nearly 100 thousand businesses, the consumption of 50 yuan immediately return 70 yuan premium voucher package, dedication of a history of the largest group purchase discount.

glutinous rice network launched nearly 100 thousand local boutique feedback users, many of whom are sticky rice network unique. In addition, also launched a well-known brand buy area, including Swatch, Kappa, Zwilling, LOCK&LOCK and other big names.

14: the anniversary group purchase king into the war

following the glutinous rice nets after the king by the three anniversary of the "June 24th group purchase anniversary" machine, in June 14th officially launched a big promotion activities for a period of 12 days. The promotional activities involving thousands of items, the audience 1 fold, the rebate amount of one million yuan rmb. In June 18th electricity supplier promotion climax, consumers participate in the Group buy King spike activity, will also have the opportunity to extract ipad Mini Three awards.

in addition, Wang also launched a million red group purchase delivery, user login activity page, enter your mobile phone number, 100% can receive a red envelope, envelopes denominations from 3 yuan to 50 yuan.

18: Juhuasuan push summer poly benefits

Jingdong in June 18th anniversary day, Juhuasuan launched a digital home appliance sales, hit the highest straight down 3000 in the home page, a drop in the end "and other eye-catching words. In all electrical parts, electrical appliances and special Haier boss Hisense 4 fold, 5.7 fold, 6 fold Toshiba.

at the end of June 18th after the event, Juhuasuan will also launch a new round of recruitment activities, "a famous" poly poly "custom" and "brand birthday party" three combo, 2013 Juhuasuan open new ways.

said the industry group purchase website shichuwuming

from the group purchase industry, in June the group purchase website promotion war or very few, the U.S. group, handle, Wo Wo Group had no desire to fight.

analysis of the industry, mainly engaged in the field of group purchase website is localization services, and electricity giant battlefield in the digital home appliances and other commodities, because the group purchase website even want to join the war, also unavoidably lack of pedigree >

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