Teach practical experience Taobao mall free promotion skills

Teach practical experience Taobao mall free promotion skills

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a lot of people feel that as Taobao mall, do not need to be promoted, because Taobao itself has to bring traffic to the mall users. From the actual data, the mall large shop, a day of steady flow in 200IP, 600PV. But you will only be satisfied with these traffic? Here to teach you a very basic promotion skills.

you can first search input "dress" two words in the Taobao store, you will find that the mall appears to the left of a brand ranking (http://s.list.mall.taobao.com/2/g-s—-g, ygwnfqwixe-40-0–50025135-x.htm), don’t look down on this block, many users are in the brand to buy. So, this is in accordance with what the rules of the


is actually very simple, is in accordance with the shop inside the search keywords appear in the number of products to arrange. For example, "RUJEANS" behind the (1914), is the number of products with 1914 dresses. In fact, it is tantamount to saying that there are 1914 key words in the product contains a dress.

, of course, there is an exception, such as dress is classified, then the number of all products of the classification are included, even if the name of the product does not contain the words "dress".

so, you need to select the users often use popular search keywords, and then increase the product or product or modify the relevant keyword classification number, put their own brand top to the top, the natural exposure rate is highest, the flow is also bigger. Of course, here need to use some means, such as the same style, different colors are released separately.

For example, you have

in taobao.com input "dress", will appear on the page two mall pictures of products recommended, the recommended position is a lot of traffic, but also very attractive to the eye, so that the two positions are arranged according to what rule


enter the dress in the mall, the same dress will appear in the list of products, which are in accordance with what the law?

is actually the same, this ranking and SEO optimization is somewhat similar, that is, a variety of factors to score, and then ranked according to the weight. These factors have the shelf time of the product, product views, comments, etc., for the mall, the product can only shelves once, while other factors are not good to enhance. In fact, the most important point is the same as above, if the weight of each product are the same, it is not the more the number of products,

The greater the weight of

, that is, the greater the number of display, the greater the flow.

of course, the most important thing is the quality of products and services, which is the basic. If you get out of this basic, then you promote the strength of the big, the consequences are self-evident.

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