Double eleven after the climax of the loss Tmall can erect several times

Double eleven after the climax of the loss Tmall can erect several times

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57 billion 100 million! All the traffic in that moment, and then broke out, and finally to the pole.

but the climax of a rapid weakness, the market value of 11 on the day of Ali fell by 3.78%, shrinking by $71 billion 200 million, has more than double the sales of eleven. This climax after the sense of loss, who really understand?


(left for Ali 11, trading volume, the Ali 12 am closing price)

after the annual double eleven carnival, the highest jump out of nothing more than two kinds of people: one is the so-called "insider", see people love their climax, brush circle of friends is to keep the data in awfully. Neither understand nor interpretation thinking, calm analysis, to read hastily and without thinking.

is another kind of "outsider" backseat driver. It’s like a group of old women accused of a pair of men and women in love, like a year before they meet a face, they think people love too crazy. They are nothing more than the following: Double eleven counts suppressed consumption, false price, impulse shopping, inventory, logistics and so on cause congestion. But in fact, not to mention any double eleven, a legal holiday, a shopping mall in organized activities, even if it is a new year, the consumer also has the above characteristics, look at the development of double eleven, look at Chinese electricity providers to use this old point of view, it is too superficial.

really hit the nail on the head, China electricity contradiction is currently for consumer products experience the growing demand for businesses and share the natural spread of traffic growth needs, with the contradiction between the backward unified business platform. Every game regardless of personal danger sex, are hidden is pent up demand.

Tmall, the Jingdong belong to the unified platform. This platform follows the thinking is to get traffic, business is the most direct way to buy advertising platform (CPM), train (CPM), Juhuasuan (pit fee) belong to this kind of way, and "double eleven" is the extreme manifestation of thinking flow. But the total flow of the platform, you came from the price rise will increase, in addition to advertising, the mall also charged 2%-5% sales commission, plus annual fee settled platform is not high, the profit will last until it, I to think about what to do next? The problem is if you don’t do advertising, no traffic, no more hope and a way out, is the eternal pursuit of business flow. This is the main reason that so many businesses hard double eleven of the scalp, they lose money earned crying, smiling, with the rhythm of people with pleasure, pain of heart who knows


come to see a group of "double eleven" data, in the case of Tmall, since the "double eleven" birth of sales were 50 million yuan, 936 million yuan (2009) (2010), 3 billion 360 million yuan (2011), 19 billion 100 million yuan (2012), 35 billion yuan (2013), 57 billion 100 million (201>

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