How to improve the level of e commerce in Tourism

How to improve the level of e commerce in Tourism

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I walk in the Internet 03 years has been engaged in the tourism industry, the information technology has brought profound changes to the industry, BTOC, online booking, parity, search technology has been applied very well in this area, but the level of tourist information is also behind the western 10-15. The main reason is that the whole industry attaches great importance to foreign propaganda, but ignore the industry’s information flow. So we see that regardless of the size of the business are talking about the Internet, build a website. Open the IE can see tens of thousands of tourist sites, the quality of the content is similar, repeated work, forming an information island. While the entire industry of information communication is completely stopped in the original mode of manual labor (business basically rely on walking, the phone basically rely on roar), it seems that the most modern means of operation of the most cattle should be MSN, QQ. I am very depressed, but also very resistant, many comrades in the industry should be very depressed.

is a new product or offer, if the information level taller, only need to change the basic product information in a platform or on a website on the OK, why use fax, telephone MSN, a notice? It looks very strange! Now the tourism company should be very rich, can hire a lot of people every day MSN fax. New to the company, the company for each registered a MSN number, "expectations" employees don’t take time to go, customers can leave the company, NND, the time to go or to customers who call away, MSN is not our software.


problem is not to say, in my opinion BTOB tourism e-commerce, in the domestic tourism market has always been a problem, there is a little bit of understanding of the people can list a lot of this industry, but has no good solution.

in the country, BTOB is still in its infancy, many travel agencies and airlines, hotels, attractions, the transaction between the tourism market has brought great potential. The United States 06 years of tourism e-commerce services reached $78 billion 800 million, the proportion of online booking share of the total bookings increased from 2004 to 47% in 2006, is expected to reach $53% in 2007. Therefore, there is still a big gap between China and developed countries in terms of the total amount and market share.

at present, the developed countries and regions have built a set of food, housing, travel, travel, shopping, entertainment in one of the six elements of integrated information application system. For decades, the international tourism, aviation and hospitality industry has undergone several major changes in information technology. The foreign tourism destination information system is also developing rapidly. The system can provide all kinds of information related to tourism. In the tourism information, tourism e-commerce is considered to be one of the most prominent areas. Developed countries and regions have made great achievements in this respect.

Under the trend of personalized

tourism consumption, tourists are more and more dependent on information service. Make travel decisions before travel

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