Electricity supplier polarization B2B rise and B2C seasonal weakness

Electricity supplier polarization B2B rise and B2C seasonal weakness

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as long as a reference to the success of the B2B case, it will be easy to think, Yiwu Commodity City in the transformation process of e-commerce to create a new B2B model. That is to provide free B2B information platform services to businesses, and through the premium, real estate rents to make up for e-commerce platform investment. Beijing xinfade agricultural products wholesale market in search of cooperation to build B2B industry portal, B2B agricultural e-commerce services not only provide online sales, free trade, also provides network promotion, brand building, dealers recommend a variety of services for enterprises in the wholesale market.

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EnfoDesk enfodesk just released data show that in the first quarter of 2011 Chinese B2B e-commerce market transactions reached 2 billion 210 million yuan, an increase of 6.1%, an increase of 37%. Online B2B e-commerce market which accounts for 2 million 356 thousand of the number of payments, an increase of $3.5%.

said Analysys Information devoted to the study of B2B market analyst Ma Rongsong told the "Daily" China joint interview with reporters: "the first quarter of 2011 domestic market development. With e-commerce penetration of traditional wholesale market, wholesale market began to migrate to the Internet, the rapid rise of online wholesale market in different regions, and the "non financial institution payment service management approach" and the introduction of rules, laid the foundation for the third party payment companies legalization. B2B market, the core link of online trading services – payment, has been the protection of the law, payment companies to enter the online B2B market has become possible. The domestic market started by the transaction before the transaction service stage to the stage of advance."

Ma Rongsong said, the foreign trade market with the improvement of the international economy, large trade began to recover. Major foreign trade platform has begun to prepare for the 2011 market development. At the same time as the foreign trade market highlights small wholesale market is still maintained rapid development. With the rise of e-commerce in the world and the reduction of international trade chain, the market will continue to develop rapidly in the future."

data also show that in terms of market share, the size of the Alibaba’s revenue for the quarter was 1 billion 452 million, a decline of $0.2%, the market share of up to 65.5%. Global resources accounted for 102 million of the size of the income of the market share of 4.6%. The number of companies to pay accounts, online trading service providers Dunhuang network in the quarter to pay the number of accounts for 981 thousand, an increase of 6.1%, while the number of Alibaba paid accounts in the quarter to be $782 thousand. Treasure Island ranked 352 thousand in third.

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from the cycle of industrial development, China B2C enterprises in 2010 has gone through 11 years of history. Relative to online games, online advertising, online travel, such as the Internet model, the road to China’s B2C listing seems much more bumpy. December 2010, Dangdang in the United States to achieve the NYSE IPO, becoming China’s B2C >

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