How to get Amazon Messi’s thought of dressing room

How to get Amazon Messi’s thought of dressing room

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[Reuters] news billion state power in August 20th, according to Bloomberg, Amazon and other competition, Messi’s department is testing a new version of the fitting room, the use of intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, transmission channels to save time, in order to give play to the advantage of the store, get more consumers to shop.

Messi department store

It is reported that

, at present, the high-tech projects in California Manhattan only fitting for the beach store. Customers can spend less time searching for the clothes rack, the energy used in the fitting.

Messi department responsible person, customer first pick models onto the right clothes, then find the heart, in the mobile phone or tablet computer store room provided by Messi, APP department to choose their own size. Soon, the clothes will be a specific device (tracks on the wall) to the fitting room.

if the consumer is not satisfied with the style or size of the clothes, you can also issue orders to replace other clothes on the APP, so you don’t have to run around to change clothes.

Bloomberg said that this is a new weapon Messi department store and Amazon and other online clothing manufacturers to fight against. The idea is to reduce the search time of the dress customers can put more focus on the fitting, in order to improve the purchase rate.

it is understood that this system seems to have attracted users. "In this store, whether it is to choose the size of the clothes, or replace the favorite style, are very convenient. Especially for me, often in the weekday lunch time to visit the new dressing room to save a lot of time." One is buying swimwear consumers told bloomberg.

founder Nadia Shouraboura Messi department in charge of the fitting room upgrade project, she said, the new room has achieved initial success. She says consumers generally take one or two items at a time, and then change a bunch of other ones in a few minutes.

Bloomberg pointed out that although Messi department store refused to respond when the technology will be extended to more than and 800 stores, a spokesman said, it is likely to be extended to women’s underwear and other departments.

is reported that Messi department store released second quarter earnings last week, announced revenue of $6 billion 100 million, down by 2.6%. At that time, some analysts pointed out that the main problem is that Messi department store market strategy is too confusing.

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