Tmall trying to brand investment beware of fake and brush

Tmall trying to brand investment beware of fake and brush

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text / Wang Wei

the day before yesterday (March 2nd), Tmall announced the investment policy in 2015, began in March 9th. The core point is: Tmall investment caliber will tighten, try to brand investment. You should know that this year’s new year’s holiday just after, Tmall had a single brush, and this time seems to be more action. Today, several businesses WeChat group are discussed.

is Tmall, the amount and growth are good, so "toss" is not it? Why do such a change? The Tmall business is a good thing, bad thing? How the future Tmall


privately chatted with a couple of Tmall friends. Tmall was informed of the basic intention behind the move:

1, this is the case after the SAIC, Ali substantive action.

Ali after the listing, the second half of last year experienced two major events: one is the double eleven, 57 billion 100 million turnover, very beautiful; the other one is fake and altercation with the administration of industry and commerce, pretty big blow to ali. At that time, I believe that Ali will make substantial changes, after all, this is a matter of life and death. However, many people still do not believe.

Tmall investment rules adjustment, it must be a very important part of. In the future, I believe that Ali website operation ideas, rules, there will be a lot of make snap change. Otherwise, the insurance is not allowed to what the day and what departments, opponents toss a.

2, from the commercial and especially on the source of goods to eliminate fake and brush.

fake and brush plagued Ali too long. Ali has invested heavily in the crackdown, a single brush. But we all know, only by playing enough, there is a leg must be removed from the commercial logic fakes.

and Taobao universal, massive commodity is different, Tmall positioning is the quality". Global consumer goods in the field of well-known brands add up to tens of thousands. It is clear that Tmall is hoping to introduce these tens of thousands of brands have come in, the official service directly by the brand consumers, the formation of good money to expel the effect of bad currency. Even if the line be fake, the network is one of the channels, people even the doors are not let you in, how do you fake.

In addition, last year,

has been talking about electricity supplier brush. I believe Tmall shop also has a single brush, or new year’s day just under the heavy hand. Ali, of course. But the fight with the brush is a cat and mouse game, brush and access to store traffic is closely related. It is easy to take this path for those commodities that have no influence. The brand is different. Even in Tmall, consumers are also directed at the brand, rather than relying on search or other path. At the same time, brand sales are hidden. As a result, the brand will have no brush power.

this is Ali made changes in the business logic.

3, small businesses how to do?

but not all businesses understand the rules. >

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