Regional sales website how to compete mall

Regional sales website how to compete mall

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A large mall

then on the Internet, has been basically as a very obvious tendency of vicious competition.

such as Jingdong to sell LCD TV, 4200 in the purchase of the factory, but he sold to the 3400. Each loss of 800 yuan. Malignant competition. Followed by the introduction of vicious competition law. Vicious competition can claim one million. But I think it’s all for the people. For those who really have a vicious competition in the mall there is often a day of advertising costs are more than 1 million. That which is tricky and how many people know? Yes, you get 1 million penalty, the penalty after I continue to sell. This vicious competition is endless.

in the face of this situation, how to develop our regional website?

we need to be very perfect positioning their products, positioning their services.

what is positioning?

positioning is not just positioning your product itself. Also positioning themselves and positioning competitors.

for example:


ad: "non Cola"

this ad is very simple, but it is very meaningful. The perfect use of the previous three positioning mode.

1 positioning products: HEDY is almost the same as Sprite taste drinks, he is very clever to avoid Sprite and market competition.

2: the positioning of their position it is seven what he is?. Coke is not the same with seven. That someone will want to know what is up? The answer is yes.

3 position competition: coke as everyone knows, but there are a few people know the seven? He located together with cola. Will cause a line of sight interference. Let the people feel that it is a grade with coke? HEDY sold very successful enough to prove its power.

makes a concept in the minds of the masses. Sprite drinks, buy seven.

there are many such examples around us. Form a concept in our minds

Dangdang: Book

: VANCL fashion

: digital mall

Taobao: a hodgepodge of

actually, I don’t enumerate one by one.

how do we make the core competitiveness of the regional web site I think that the site is not only a regional logistics convenience, and more is to organize groups to organize activities to promote sales. The best way for a regional website is to integrate reality with the internet. In order to achieve the purpose of the initial establishment of regional web site.

in fact, 95% of the Internet is grassroots, so we had better think of our own shortcomings from the grassroots point of view. Or gather some grass roots for our web site

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