618 battle 2016 fifast commercial fair in August to open a new journey

618 battle 2016 fifast commercial fair in August to open a new journey

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July 12th, "fifast business alliance 618 crazy years celebration summary conference and the 2016" fifast commercial Expo held in Shanghai. China Franchise Association Secretary General Pei Liang, Dean of Sun Yan Chinese e-business and from the red star business group, BBK group, Nanjing central emporium group, Wumart group etc. fifast strategic partner, Wanda financial group president Qu Dejun and company leaders who fly more than 300 guests to visit the site.

is a comprehensive review of fifast business alliance 618 national hundred thousand shops crazy year celebrate the achievements of the activities, and activities of the organization performance of 40 members who fly business alliances were commended; and announced the theme of "2016 open, fusion and wisdom" fifast commercial exhibition will be held August 25th -26 the day was held at the Beijing National Convention center.


2016’where the launch of the business fair

flying where the business alliance started the first shot of the Internet transformation

In the just concluded

200+ City swept the country 618 crazy years celebration activities, fly 3000+ member enterprise business alliance who has made remarkable achievements. Passenger, sales, brand influence three line Biao, greatly boost the confidence of the business entity. During the event, the members of the Federation of more than 500 million passenger flow to achieve sales of $12 billion, creating a fly where the marketing miracle 618. Not only for the activities of the members of the alliance to bring the double harvest of passenger and sales, but also firm the members of the community to embrace the Internet, take the entity + Internet road confidence.

Chinese Chain Management Association Secretary General Pei Liang said in his speech: fifast 618 has used the data demonstrated that the model is reasonable in the opportunities brought double harvest, passenger traffic and sales fifast business alliance organized by the "hundred thousand shops crazy year celebration activities" as the entities under the line, let us to the trends and opportunities of the Internet feel + transformation.

At the

Research Institute Sun Yan Chinese e-business, fifast business alliance 618 crazy years celebration activities, is not only a successful breakthrough in real business transformation of the Internet, also let the whole industry more clear, that is the integration between the entity and the Internet is not only imperative and potential.

"618 crazy years celebration activities of the success, the real industry is a huge boost, it brings to all partners to enhance the performance, create value." As commander of the crazy year celebration activities, Wanda financial group president Qu Dejun made a concluding statement of this activity: fly where open platform is the core positioning entity + Internet, we must start from the entity, the business entity of each link and the full integration of Internet technology, Internet technology and business process business entity combining the digital transformation business entity, create value for the business entity.


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