Micro circle of friends so much business in the end what people make money

Micro circle of friends so much business in the end what people make money

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micro business WeChat spread in the circle of friends, have been mixed into a pot of porridge, good and bad, really fake money, no money, ordinary people are really hard to distinguish, the money did not make money, it seems that only micro operators understand their own situation, for other companies, they also consider through. The circle of friends of the true, false true, for ordinary people, WeChat circle of friends these temptations, they no longer believe in the root, and for the micro business, WeChat own circle of friends is also difficult to distinguish between true and false… And even his own situation is unpredictable, gradually by their advertising Shuabing become impetuous, not to think about, not wondering what to do, anyway, shuabing."

A: micro business to make money, do not make money more

In fact,

derivative also has a lot of money, but also a lot of muffled fortune, so ordinary people can not see how much they earn, also can’t see their income because they don’t really need a screenshot, brush advertising, also does not need to use income screenshots to recruit agents, because do not earn money that only you know, the more you income screenshots, I think your mental state is more disappointed, why not really


is actually very simple, a lot of micro business also find me, that is really bad, those who play in income screenshots, screenshots, feedback, these are the superior agent to teach them the trick, especially the mask, do people really too much, not consumption does not fall, pressure many of them can not enter the root of consumption.

two: the media hot derivative, Xukua derivative money easy

a lot, do the relevant reports derivative monthly income of hundreds of thousands of millions of these stories emerge in an endless stream, the protagonist, is like an easy job to do can earn hundreds of thousands, but for how they make money, press a root is not like, is to sell things on someone to buy. What’s more, their every thing is in the circle of friends to send advertising can have millions of people to buy, so many followers simply believe that derivative is simple in the circle of friends to send advertising, wait for the money.

, in fact, is more about these reports, some brands of soft news promotion, so even if he is in the news for about how to make money, but basically every story could not tell you what they are selling, so the brand came out, everyone scrambling to do, to become the agent, so manufacturers can sell goods Jibaiwanqianwan easily. Each of the plot of the story is the same, we have carefully analyzed, each story is a society without any experience, or students, or there is no economic background of rural children, relying on micro business successful counter attack, so it looks more attractive, more suitable for the mass of civilians, you also can do. Can do it………

three: brand publicity, agents at all levels have to worship

once the brand has come out, the next step must be to step up in the past

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