Micro VR machine double whale eleven pin single stand by sent spree

Micro VR machine double whale eleven pin single stand by sent spree

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November 11, 2016, the long-awaited micro whale VR machine in the Jingdong, micro mall synchronous TV Tmall flagship store whale on sale, priced at 3999 yuan, double 11 day in each single channel can be minus $300 and receive a premium package package containing micro whale Bluetooth handle / pioneer headset, Zeiss cleaning kit and built-in micro whale exclusive VR quality content, TF memory card.


strong configuration + lightweight body + low light

micro whale VR machine X1 using a powerful configuration Qualcomm snapdragon processor 820 + 5.7 inches 2K resolution AMOLED screen, is currently on the market in the allocation of the most powerful VR machine, VR machine is also showed the best effect;

micro whale X1 overall weight of only 525G, other than the market has been released on the weight of the machine should be light, with the innovative water cooling system, micro whale VR integrated machine wear comfort has been fully protected.

In order to minimize the

delay, reduce the sense of vertigo, micro whale VR machine adopts asynchronous time warping algorithm (ATW) and the front buffer rendering algorithm (FBR), the strong performance of the support Qualcomm snapdragon processor 820, will eventually delay below 17ms.


massive exclusive 10000+ hours VR resource library IP

micro VR X1 on consumer considerate whale is not only in the hardware, content also provides many resources for everyone. Which has completed production of the "new song", "China", "Kunlun is the greatest hero in the world" and other high-quality VR content, quality and variety of sports IP original VR content and will introduce more VR version in the follow-up, and live every day "during the year, the week stars are" VR direct seeding interaction.


has a strong configuration, superior display effect and lightweight body of the whale VR integrated machine, supplemented by the most abundant VR content resources support, enough to become the most recommended VR devices on the market. In the eleven double start activities, micro whale TV Tmall flagship store and Jingdong mall also launched a variety of promotions, detailed promotional arrangements are as follows:

dual 11 when the world single successful payment that gift package, package contents: Pioneer headset, the value of 299 yuan; Cai Si optical cleaning kit, the value of 58 yuan; 16G TF card, built-in micro VR content (Chinese exclusive boutique whale song sound final video, "bird’s nest mentor factory trailer," polar pre SNH48 "princess the Cape" VR version).

November 12th encore, single minus 200 yuan, the price of 3799 yuan. Continue to gift packs.


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