Wanda electricity supplier to fly where the network is studying the operation of nternet financial

Wanda electricity supplier to fly where the network is studying the operation of nternet financial

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technology news news March 31st, Wanda Commercial real estate listing after the first annual results released today, chairman Ding Benxi results conference said that next year will explore the asset securitization, financial and business internet. Among them, Wanda electronic business platform to fly where the network plan in June formally launched operations.

Wanda business is to promote the full range of intelligent platform to build, Ding Benxi revealed that the company this year, the goal is to quickly create physical network sales platform. In June 30th this year, Wanda Commercial platform where the network will be formally launched on the run. Currently, part of the square has been achieved with the intelligent online platform docking, the final line parallel.

Wanda electricity supplier for the model, director and chief executive officer, said Qu Dejun, Wanda mainly do is the platform, the most advantage is a huge network of physical entities. Fly where the network is completely different with Tmall, pay more attention to experience, combined with the O2O platform to build the line, such as food and other aspects of intelligent means will also be introduced in the near future".

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also revealed that Wanda is currently set up Wanda Commercial fund management companies to explore asset securitization, external investment and Internet banking, in order to reduce dependence on the sale of property. Among them, the Internet is being studied in terms of financial products, mainly rely on e-commerce platform and the group’s acquisition of fast money business, and soon after the combination of light asset strategy.

reported Dalian Wanda, Wanda Commercial real estate revenue of 107 billion 871 million yuan last year, an increase of 24.31%, growth in core earnings up 14.04% at the same time, the company investment property fair value growth of 13 billion 455 million yuan, 12.87% lower than in 2013. (Tong Gao)

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