Autohello com car domain name

Autohello com car domain name

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has been trying to get a website about cars, is really very powerful, Li Xiang has always been my idol worship. One is that he and I are 80; two is both he and I are surnamed Li; three is today I also won the domain name.

Oh, I didn’t want to get a large website like Li Xiang, now I think is to get a Chinese automobile forum, DZ Forum on their way now more interested in, and I am studying with the Hubei Automotive Industrial Institute. Therefore, all kinds of ideas, I am interested in the implementation of the idea. I have domain name with Li Xiang won the domain name is somewhat similar, Li Xiang said in his blog: has been registered by others, only com is not registered, today I registered is the same, ha ha, I was a while thinking about how to register a good domain name, and friends in the side chat, friends recommend me to register, looks a bit like the China movie network that form. I told him that I had taken the domain name this morning and was going to get a Chinese car forum. Friends have been talking about’s worthless, it is not good to remember, and I told him anyway, is 1 yuan, the big deal is still. Ha-ha。 I tried the domain name. Do not know where the sudden feeling, the car behind a Hello, OK, is so simple. This domain belongs to me.

now I seem to have a lot of domain names, but I am not ready to sell, to raise a period of time to say it. Now the domain name com 3: Oh sun meaning network China friends network car network, CN is more, then I will not take up the show. I will put out after use of Xiu xiu. Ha-ha。

now seems to leave the network, the more you want to leave the more inseparable.

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