Domain name owner privacy policy Whois

Domain name owner privacy policy Whois

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      on July 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, in an industry conference held on the day before, participants raised objections to the Whois database privacy policy, and make the adjustment suggestion.

      if you have a domain name, then your privacy may be compromised by the current privacy policy of Whois. But at the moment, people still can’t do anything about it.

      in fact, this is a very serious problem. Currently, the Internet domain name registration information is open, and through the Whois database to open the query. Unix and Linux users can also be implemented through the command line query.

      if the domain name holder wants to sign up for the Whois service, you must provide accurate information. If your domain name is for personal use, you must provide information such as home address, telephone number and e-mail address.

      and now, this problem is expected to be improved. Some participants suggested that the cancellation of home address and telephone number and other information requirements. In this regard, industry analysts are optimistic that the problem can be completely resolved.

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