Ali rookie Wuhan project will start next year is expected to put into operation in May

Ali rookie Wuhan project will start next year is expected to put into operation in May

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on the 1 day, the reporter saw in Wuhan Jiangxia Chrysostom Xuguang village street, rookie network science and technology limited company 6 billion yuan investment to build the "Chinese intelligent backbone" (hereinafter referred to as "network") project site, the blue and white houses dotted the shed. The "grid" project the first phase of 400 acres of land, the district government has completed the bidding procedures for the land, project units began to approach the temporary construction equipment." Jiangxia Chrysostom Street Office Deputy Director Liu Jun said, the district also building construction the proper placement of more than and 300 households. "Network" is the logistics cloud data service platform owned by Alibaba, Tmall, Taobao, Alipay and so on network platform to weave the Skynet, to achieve national logistics, orders, inventory, delivery and other landing information of cloud computing, "network" to improve the efficiency of operation of logistics enterprises. According to Alibaba estimates, grid project implemented 5 years, will support an average daily retail sales of $30 billion, close to last year, double the level of 11. Wuhan project is about to start, is expected to be put into operation in May next year." Rookie Network Technology Co., Ltd. director Xia Yu said, Wuhan rookie network ground one of the eight core nodes, but also the core of the central node. Rookie in Jiangxia, the first phase of investment 2 billion yuan, until next year, all of the industrial projects put into operation and stable operation, at least for the local tax revenue of $160 million per year.

distance from the rookie project site 300 meters, is the Jiangxia district government coordination services headquarters command. Jiangxia district government official said, the Tencent, such as Baidu IT, rookie players have settled in Jiangxia, will produce hundreds of billions of business transactions, surrounding logistics, creative design, software development, education and scientific research, production, packaging and other industries catering services.

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China intelligent backbone network

China intelligent backbone network, referred to as "the network", by the Alibaba operating under rookie Network Technology Co., Ltd. to intime, Fosun, SF and Fuchun, one of three links, plans to build any parts of the country within 24 hours of delivery will reach "logistics system. Wuhan Jiangxia project is the core of China’s intelligent backbone of the central node of China, covers an area of 2500 acres, can be gathered hundreds of electricity supplier companies, the formation of Jiangxia electricity supplier industry metro.

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