Traditional enterprises how to play a good electricity supplier

Traditional enterprises how to play a good electricity supplier

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the area should be regarded as the second city last year, the media have reported 4 supermarkets because of poor management and put up the shutters information after that, to sigh. Because these are often go to the supermarket before care, including a supermarket or in the not previously engaged in the electricity supplier industry was going to apply for the post of copywriting. Media point of view is that these supermarkets are not because of the characteristics of the market has been eliminated, and by the impact of the electricity supplier that has also been recognized by many people in the industry.

in the double 12 day, the city’s most popular supermarket also use Alipay store delivery payment, sales model, was causing some people panic buying crazy aunt class. Coincidentally, the person in charge of the company’s department store channel yesterday also came to the business department study, want to do some of the stores with sales of electricity supplier model, and the operation mode is similar to the supermarket. Have to say is, although the company is a big brand, but from a month long meeting monthly department learned that the department store channel each month net profit is negative, channel profits are used to support the department store channel. Thus, the traditional business is not doing electricity supplier, the future must be no business can be confirmed by Ma Yun’s words.

transformation of traditional business electricity supplier is imperative, but how should we do to play a good electricity supplier these steps can not be missing, otherwise the consequences will be more serious. Some traditional enterprises anxious at the beginning, when electricity supplier, all hopes are placed on behalf of the operating companies on the body, the result is the generation of operating companies spend millions of dollars for nothing or cheated hundreds of yuan of case is not uncommon. The main reason is that the boss does not know of the electricity supplier, on behalf of the operating companies are regressed data fooled, think you can get after spending huge returns, result is planted big somersault. Therefore, the consequences are anxious to nine in ten ended in failure. This is the early stage, many bosses eat such suffering, a warning, and later become more cautious. Signed a cooperation agreement with the company on behalf of the requirements of the risk of half, Party A is responsible for the capital and products, and Party B is responsible for the operation, the specific income of 55 or more points, etc.. In accordance with this mode of operation, a lot of generation of operating companies have been filtered out, and the rest are with a certain strength. But in the process of cooperation, indeed for traditional enterprises to achieve profitability, this model is more reliable for traditional businesses, but not for long.

from a long-term point of view, the traditional companies want to do a good job in the electricity supplier, it is necessary to be far sighted, based on a good foundation, the training of personnel, so as to go more stable farther. Because the traditional enterprise products, also have the money, a short time is not survival difficult, therefore, if you do the first year a loss, second years of preservation, strategic deployment of third years real earnings, the real talent up, burst out of combat is very alarming. The real strong in the market is nothing but money, products

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