Honey bud and other cross border electricity supplier preparations for black five policy support sen

Honey bud and other cross border electricity supplier preparations for black five policy support sen

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dispersed gradually with the double 11 in the smoke of war, between the end of the cross-border electricity supplier will begin to promote the "black Friday" is about to start. It is reported, including honey bud, ocean terminal and other cross-border electricity supplier is actively preparing for the black five, coinciding with the cross-border electricity supplier who received a policy of "package": cross-border retail electricity supplier Import Supervision during the transition period extended to the end of 2017.


positive: next year cosmetics, infant milk powder and other temporary registration requirements for the first time

in fact, in April this year, cross-border deal exams, also let a lot of people visible before the eyes. In order to promote the healthy development of cross-border electricity supplier industry, approved by the State Council, from May 11, 2016 onwards, China’s cross-border electricity supplier retail import regulatory requirements to give a year of transition. To continue supervision in accordance with the pilot mode, in Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other 10 pilot city business online shopping bonded goods line into the area temporarily verification of customs clearance form, not the implementation of infant formula milk powder, cosmetics, medical equipment, special food (including health food, formula foods for special medical purposes. For the first time) import license documents, registration or filing requirements; direct purchase mode for all areas is not the implementation of the above-mentioned goods imported for the first time permits, registration or filing requirements.

face the end of the transition period, a lot of cross-border electricity supplier companies expressed concern. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman said that since the implementation of the transition period, in order to steadily promote cross-border electricity supplier retail import regulatory model transition, the business sector agreed to further extend the transition period to the end of 2017.

black five: cross-border electricity supplier to actively prepare war overseas goods delivery to the consumer

how is the new deal to adjust in the upcoming "black five" on the eve of the "black five" is the "black Friday", it was born in the United States, once a year, the annual maximum discount efforts, but also the real retailers, electricity providers and consumers to enjoy the "chop hand" Carnival – the beginning of 2014, the "black five" is the introduction of cross-border electricity China, after 2 years of development, has been the domestic consumer concern.

if double 11 is the domestic electricity supplier’s big promotion season, then black five is undoubtedly called cross-border electricity supplier carnival. The introduction of the new deal, cross-border electricity supplier for imports is undoubtedly a major positive news. So nervous preparing for black five cross-border electricity providers who, this year, black five more confidence and motivation.

for this good news, the domestic well-known cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud CEO Liu Nan said he learned the news not surprised, because this is a big trend, the cross-border electricity supplier for good return of consumption worthy of recognition.

Liu Nan pointed out that the development of any new things are walking to explore cross-border business after several years of development, has made many achievements, the future will be towards a more mature mode of regulation, and this regulation is the industry.

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