Registered 11th Five Year domain name is registered

Registered 11th Five Year domain name is registered

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It is reported that, at present the country is being held during the NPC and CPPCC has been registered "NPC and CPPCC", "11th Five-Year" domain name, and has been selling online, the highest bid up to 5 million. Relevant professionals called for the introduction of the new policy, regulate the network cybersquatting.

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In accordance with the provisions of the "

but the media and our experts frequently put "cybersquatting", it is their "cybersquatting" into "registered first" domain name is "domain name registration".

in the existing legal framework, the behavior is not illegal. So it is necessary to modify the domain name registration policy to limit it? In fact, this behavior should be encouraged and promoted, rather than limiting. The emergence of this social status reflects the domain name of the investment has been developed as an industry, but also within the framework of the law, is a healthy and healthy development.

really rely on well-known enterprises registered trade names and trademarks as domain name cybersquatting in the transfer of profit has no market. First of all, most enterprises have more and more attention to domain name protection, very

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