Do only for future acquisition of a hundred responses to a single call to independent listed

Do only for future acquisition of a hundred responses to a single call to independent listed

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B2B largest commercial search engine recently revealed a hundred responses to a single call a few months ago, with a Internet Co at the time of negotiation insider, the well-known Internet Co a hundred responses to a single call to the tens of millions of cash acquisition agreement.

in the current economic crisis continues to affect the Internet to keep the interests of the cash ready to pay particular attention to the special period of cash, Internet Co mergers and acquisitions often occur. The well-known Internet Co or even out of a wholly-owned acquisition of 10 million in cash, and the founder Dyson to retain 10% of the shares, while Mr. Dyson continued to serve as general manager of the company responsible for the management of favorable conditions.

but after repeated contact with the breakdown of negotiations, the reason is the acquisition of behavior has nothing to do with Dyson to lead the team to do business to do a hundred responses to a single call idea. Earlier Dyson told the media that the target is a hundred responses to a single call the next few years are listed, and become the first professional commercial search engines listed companies. Its value is not less than the pre listed Baidu.

, however, it is revealed that Dyson is still welcome when appropriate venture capital stake. In Shenzhen, the just concluded "2009 China risk investment project matchmaking, was selected as a hundred responses to a single call" in 2009 the most investment value of the top 50 outstanding entrepreneurial projects ", become the largest financing capital counterparts Chinese feast in the eyes.

as China’s largest and highest level, the number of projects involved in the number of projects and the largest number of participating institutions of China’s venture capital industry event. Hundreds of well-known private equity investors and venture capitalists, they come from including Accel, Caire, 3I, Apax, Goldman, Partners Group, DFJ, Softbank, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, the United States in the United States, H & Q Asia Pacific, SIEMENS, IBM, Intel, Walden International, hina, TDF capital and with the German China, Sequoia Capital, GGV, DCM, IDG, JAFCO Asia, techventures, Orchid Asia, baring and other international well-known investment institutions for investment projects.

and "get more business opportunities to understand a hundred responses to a single call search" B2B search professional advantages and characteristics than Ali more than Baidu, investment institutions are participants comments guests called "dare to fight war Ali Baidu 09 years of the cattle business projects".

Mr. Dyson: a hundred responses to a single call Baidu and Alibaba in 08 years the total revenues were 3 billion 200 million yuan and 3 billion 100 million yuan scale, Dyson believes that the next 3-5 years, the network service market of small and medium-sized enterprises will enter the mature period of the outbreak, they are an estimate of any revenue 100-200 billion growth space, the goal is to eventually become a hundred responses to a single call Alibaba and Baidu, three of the world service provider network in small and medium sized enterprises.

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