The United States host Rush Lunarpages hit Godaddy

The United States host Rush Lunarpages hit Godaddy

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Chinese host market has always been the war continued, with the hosts the United States one after another China settled market, make between hosts the United States market battle has become increasingly fierce, recently, American Godaddy host and "won the February Lunarpages main machine stability first" is smoke, there seems to be a war to fight.

market time is not the only factor determining who is boss

Godaddy is the world’s largest domain name hosting service providers, in Chinese market longer, with its high reputation, Godaddy has played host IDC industry elite before, occupy the market position, Shirupozhu, and Lunarpages host in 2012 began a comprehensive marketing in China, but its performance stable high praise in the domestic a short period of time, because of its high stability on the stability of the United States host "the top seat, after hair force, a trend which cannot be halted. Two tigers in varying lengths of time, the domestic market competition, it is under two considerable strength, but also the winner, is still unknown.

ruler has

host the United States to occupy the domestic market not only rely on a "foreign" host name, also depends on its powerful advantages, Godaddy host launched the latest program of $1.99 purchase of the host, the use of preferential purchase link Godaddy economic type host 3 month payment scheme, only $1.99, in addition, the use of preferential purchase link Godaddy host can then receive a 30% discount on the basis of the official discount, the most preferential price, and is the host, provide 7*24 service and technical support Godaddy host, in the domestic access speed is fast, and the running time of 99.9% guarantee. Considering the convenience of users pay, Godaddy host also supports Alipay payment, humanized service of high. In addition, Godaddy host has a variety of host options available, whether it is personal or business can find a suitable host.

inch strong

Lunarpages host in the domestic access speed absolutely first-class, overcomes the problem of slow telecommunications network visits, with strong growth in domestic trade, Lunarpages has also launched a high-end business host, in the purchase of the Lunarpages host, use the coupon code China30 to buy Lunarpages for permanent host, you can enjoy 30% preferential, with independent IP and the free domain name for free, Lunarpages business host support SSL certificate is installed, do safety measures for the foreign trade business and taking into account the host station, Lunarpages language barrier China users, launched Chinese station and Chinese.

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