Dangdang announced the results of the double 11 day sales of over 100 million yuan

Dangdang announced the results of the double 11 day sales of over 100 million yuan

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Tencent Francisco November 12th, dangdang.com announced yesterday that all day long double 11 record sales of over 100 million yuan, in the double 11 before Li Guoqing was announced by micro-blog, with 400 thousand kinds of books, the 50 percent off clothing goods audience 50 percent off efforts to participate in the double 11 war.

double 11 day morning, 5 minutes will subscribe dangdang.com publications 11243 single day, "if you well is sunny, the biography of Lin Whei-yin" has 97000 copies to subscribe to, not the same "Carmela" series of subscription over 60000 volumes, and in the clothing and footwear goods, a Ward peak in tube boots in 388 the cheap yuan, in this 1 days sold 5000 pairs, the way through the 50 percent off Dangdang clothing sales increased 8 times compared to before the anniversary.

addition, double 11 day pregnant baby Dangdang sales reached 13 million, while the diapers commodities since the start of October 22nd, the anniversary Month activities, as of November 9th the day sales exceeded 50 million.

it is understood that the 11 double Dangdang books, department stores settled in Tmall’s thirteenth day, that launched the full range of the activities of the 400 thousand books of the 50 percent off. Dangdang Tmall flagship store in the early morning of November 11th only 10 minutes, book sales have been broken by 1 million.

now, double 11 has become a collective feast of the entire electricity supplier industry. Many consumers stay up late in the morning, still can not buy the favorite goods. Comprehensive promotion dangdang.com responsible person: "dangdang.com 13 anniversary time span of 1 months, the double 11 is not the end point, when the anniversary month of November 18th to 50 percent off, including the best-selling book, 1.3 fold, 50 percent off baby clothing will continue."

now, 11 pairs of electricity supplier price war has become a gimmick, the vast majority of electricity providers want to share a cup of soup. From the beginning of October, including Dangdang, Gome mall and other related promotional activities. Insiders said: "the promotion will be concentrated in a sky will cause many issues of logistics pressure, system failures, etc. will be consumer berserk, sales promotion time prolonged, the decomposition for consumers and business platform will ease."

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