Exclusive dialogue brands how to choose the electronic business platform

Exclusive dialogue brands how to choose the electronic business platform

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lead: a anonymous dialogue hidden behind the conflict and game business platform with suppliers.

in the traditional sales season, several business platform to change life by the price war guards, but frequent promotions is behind the rising discontent among suppliers.

Jingdong 618 big promotion period, the Jingdong with low price, ASUS announced the suspension of the Jingdong delivery platform and vendor conflicts triggered at any moment. Before, a vip.com exclusive sales agreement "on the Internet is open also triggered much discussion, the agreement specified in the same supplier, vip.com exclusive sales, not to cooperate with other third party platform.

in the initial stage of the electronic business platform, big brands are the focus of the electricity supplier platform publicity. In the same year the hottest group purchase website as an example, a number of group purchase websites in order to attract high-quality merchants settled, rather peibenzhuanyaohe. It was a well-known group purchase website CEO said: "in order to compete for some high-quality resources, group purchase sites often take underwriting mode, if poor sales group purchase sites tend to lose money."

this story now seems almost impossible to have business platform price war is strike violently put pressure on prices passed on to suppliers on the head.

in order to resolve the cooperation and the game between the two sides, NetEase technology and a number of suppliers of the dialogue, but these suppliers invariably expressed the hope that it can be anonymous. The relationship between business platform with suppliers or this.

so, an anonymous conversation begins.

supplier selection

, according to several suppliers of NetEase technology introduction, the current electricity supplier into the platform is broadly divided into several categories:

, a cable resources under the big brands, such as Haier, a typical representative of Lining; two, relying on the survival of the business platform of small businesses, the typical representative of the Amoy brand series in starry represented; three, entrepreneurial small brand.

in the three kinds of brands in the most easily controlled electricity supplier brand for the second types of brand, lack of line of business that they have to rely on business platform to flow to survive, when the electronic business platform requires them to make a choice when they also belong to the group without resistance.

in recent years, the traditional retail industry is increasingly affected by the impact of electricity providers, many of the traditional retail industry had to start considering board electronic business platform, but how to choose the electronic business platform, each view is not the same.

a well-known domestic clothing brand electricity supplier responsible for NetEase technology, said they are currently selected to enter the platform is Tmall and Jingdong. Due to just enter the electricity supplier in the field soon, the brand is not to go to their own business platform and cooperation, but on behalf of the operator in the operation. In charge of the view, the final model of the mature brand is to establish their own official website, some of the major foreign brands are basically using self built electronic business platform model, so that the channel

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