Buyers Taobao account speculation letter was sealed by the user to speculation that the letter was c

Buyers Taobao account speculation letter was sealed by the user to speculation that the letter was c

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what to seal my Taobao account

rule Weekend reporter Cai Changchun

"your account is permanently banned";

"we don’t know why your account will be banned";

"we have nothing to do with your banned account";

"we’re sorry……"

was originally the normal use of the Taobao account suddenly suffered a title, Liu Yong (a pseudonym) for many buyers call the Taobao customer consultation, and will respond to summing up the four sentences make him feel not satisfied, so he sent to his experiences of 21CN poly complaints network station. After waiting for a day before, his account ban has been lifted.

Encounter is not a case of

Liu Yong, there are hundreds of similar complaints in poly complaints on the platform, in addition to a large number of Taobao titles encounter buyers also set up a thousand rights QQ group. Although there are already some buyers like Liu Yong, whose account is banned to be lifted, but there are still many buyers on the matter to communicate with Taobao.

let Liu Yong buyers understand is: the large number of buyers allegedly Taobao titles related to combat speculation channel activities, so Taobao to deal with those illegal sellers why turn to no ground for blame, the title of buyers? Will "fire" those who did not participate in similar activities of fried letter buyers? Take myself as an example, after Taobao customer service communication and nationhood, and how to properly solve the similar situation of


suspected action against speculation

ten years old account, said the closure of the seal, like Liu Yong, ten years old Taobao users, old man (a pseudonym) also suffered a similar dilemma.

According to Chen Bo

, in December 2014 he participated in the activities of twelve, received some preferential vouchers and under a single, then there are several Taobao market sellers are normally made goods, but there are 8 sellers neither delivery nor explain, during which he also took the initiative to contact the seller, also did not receive any response.

so until late December, 8 Taobao sellers still no movement, Chen Bo then apply for a refund. After the refund automatically confirm at the time, the sellers "Chen Bo not according to the agreed time delivery" complaints, Ali Wangwang suddenly automatically offline, "account of the existence of irregularities, limiting access to treatment has not opened".

thereafter Chen Bo call Taobao and Tmall customer service telephone consultation, spent about two hours, but there is no clear statement.

, the other side just said that my account was closed, can not be solved, but the specific reasons for the inquiry can not be blocked, for which the assets do not know how to deal with." Think of the account and its own bank card recharge Tmall coupons and consumption points, Chen Bo more anxious.

now, Chen Bo’s account >

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