The three core factors of grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan success

The three core factors of grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan success

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for Wangzhuan, attractive and tortured people, is able to attract people at home can make money, become SOHO gens, tortured people, often spend a lot of time but not the relative returns, or even a complete failure, and the failure of the reason is various, but success the reason is often the only one, so here we have to introduce the core factors of successful Wangzhuan


: Wangzhuan

essential technology

first you have to know how to make a website now, even don’t know how to make a website to understand SEO optimization, if you are on the website, website optimization and operation so you should at least utterly ignorant of, have some network marketing skills, if you know of these aspects are not, then you will not easily enter the Wangzhuan the ranks, if you really want to come in, so early learning related function is essential for


then you have to know what aspects of the construction process and site site optimization process should not touch, such as black chain, such as template is copied, the contents are collected, at least in terms of competition have less confidence, but also for the black chain once the search engine, it is not K station. Discuss your previous efforts will be cast to the wind

!Finally, you need to understand

website operation technology, this is the last one of the most important technology Wangzhuan profitable, if not marketing, so even if you have a good website technology, website SEO skills, so still have no way to improve the conversion rate of the site, to know Wangzhuan to earn a lot of money, rely on advertising alliance flow the time gone for ever, now is the era of electronic commerce, the pursuit of the conversion rate, conversion rate only do come up, so Wangzhuan success has become a natural thing!

two: essential thinking Wangzhuan

a lot of people do Wangzhuan is following the path of others, such as odds and ends of a meal to earn the money of others, many successful businessmen are able to see other people do not see the business opportunities and market, which has become bigger and stronger, for it is to play Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, thinking of the place, but a lot of people are born to imitate no, to innovation, it does not matter, you can learn some knowledge of exercise your mind, for example, some examples of successful business on the Internet, you know more knowledge, information is a bit wider, you may jiezu Xiandeng, so usually it is necessary to exercise their own Wangzhuan from thinking. Start learning


three: essential Wangzhuan

In fact,

ability and effort is often equivalent to the so-called, the foundation of success is the one percent genius to plus ninety-nine percent, and this effort is the best way to get your ability, some people have a good Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project thinking, find out the market prospect is very good, but because the day a don’t go down do to achieve your thinking, so naturally more and more distant from you! So when you have the technology, have been thinking, there is no ability that you have a long time.

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