Comments on the announcement of the nternet electronic bulletin of frustration

Comments on the announcement of the nternet electronic bulletin of frustration

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      record management of the Ministry of information industry has already set up the stage, now do not know what this is singing, don’t know what time it is a singing head. Anyway, the forum closed and the news after another, different regions have different rules and policies. This is a period of chaos, so temper iron China webmaster.

1, situation

currently carried out rectification BBS thing is true, all over the country were carried out, first in Guangdong.

A thorough investigation of

2, filing

all the company’s forum must be filed.

all personal forums are recommended to close because the chances of success are small.
> requirements of independent servers, a server can only have a BBS website. Server in the formal, access to the communications authority certification of the company room.

first through the website domain name for the record.

to manage the forum, 24 hours of telephone and mobile phone boot.

all the plates have a moderator, and have a certain time online management, the moderator should provide personal information and telephone etc..

all members must be real name system.

personal forum can apply for a special filing for personal details. But by little possibility.

other procedures with the company to apply for special filing BBS.

      for the above situation, the Internet has many interesting and relatively deplorable phenomenon: in the time domain name transaction, domain name + (record) is a price, no record is a price; website for the latest detailed tutorial into the search hotspot; agency fee agent for the record of success the user can record transactions; for IDC space successful selling price; Hongkong and the United States hosting space hot; what is more I see you dislike or you offend me, I to the Ministry of information industry call your website without registration etc. This is not the only one.

      the above phenomenon, I do not know for the young Chinese Internet, is progress or retrogression. But also the reality of the record management of the Ministry of information industry have to face are: first, the.COM domain name in abroad can be registered, and the effect and the country, credibility is also guaranteed, personal privacy has legal protection, so why not choose foreign domestic users to register the domain name?

      secondly >

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