Brand platform of the development of the network mall double edged sword

Brand platform of the development of the network mall double edged sword

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with the diversification of sales, supermarkets, shopping malls, shops and so on a variety of shopping platform more and more, the types of products and brands are endless. Although many tricks, but in the end is the brand and platform of the two, when consumers buy the product, the first consideration is the brand and platform, what brand to buy? Where buy? When the solution to these two factors, the transaction naturally produced. For mall management, you can also start from these two aspects.

brand: for example, I want to buy a pair of sports shoes, so the first thought is the brand of Nike and Adidas, this is why? Because these two brands have been deeply rooted in our mind, the brand has been accepted by the subconscious mind, my heart will be self suggestion, the brand fashion style, reliable quality. This is the strength of the brand, when the brand is strong enough, like a pile of shit will also be a lot of people as a baby. So the mall site in the product positioning can have an impact on the development of the brand, only products in line with customer needs to produce benefits, there is no benefit of the mall site is not development.

platform: a lot of people in real life need to buy home appliances, the first time you will think of Gome and Suning, Gome and Suning Appliance in your hearts on the hook. If you need to buy a MP3 online, it will naturally think of Jingdong mall. When a platform to become a platform for the endorsement of the industry, its influence is self-evident. Business mall site to this as the goal, when the mall site became the industry endorsement platform, the order will be like snow falling down.

shoe Tianya believes that the operation of e-commerce sites can focus on two aspects of the brand and platform to start, product branding, to understand what customers like the brand’s products as close as possible to the brand. In the course of the operation to strive to build their own brand, the website brand, industry, specialization, brand transition from the product platform over the brand. Of course, this may take a very long process, when the shopping site to become a brand is widely spread, it means that you succeed.

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