Jingdong mall will be on the line to buy the site thousands of regiment war and then lift waves

Jingdong mall will be on the line to buy the site thousands of regiment war and then lift waves

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, according to voice of China news evening peak reported that Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong revealed that Jingdong mall will enter the field of group buying, 20 will be online buy site. Jingdong in the interpretation of the group will buy now with most of the site which is not at the same time, Liu Qiangdong said: we will provide a nationwide kind of buy service." Jingdong mall massive invasion, so that the field has been fierce competition in the field of what kind of waves set off again, the voice of China special observers bring exclusive views. Observers today well-known Internet commentators Hong Bo, dialogue reporter: Voice of China reporter Lu Min.

for the first time in the field of group purchase in the U.S. group net, just a few months time, the rain is like bamboo shoots emerge nearly 1000 areas into the group purchase group purchase website, thousands of war stage, Hong Bo believes that the group purchase website is the biggest advantage of low prices, however, is always a double-edged sword, can bring the user. But are extremely price sensitive users, the Jingdong for the long-term coexistence of advantages and disadvantages of the development of shopping mall.

Hong Bo: Jingdong is an e-commerce site, it is to sell things as the core, it is to this group purchase physical goods, the group purchase from the expansion of the user point of view may be very helpful, because the price will have great appeal, like Taobao launched discount service November 11th, get a user response, the price in the market China always have very strong this appeal, so I think for Jingdong, this service may help him in the future is very easy to get more users, allowing more users to experience such a process of shopping in the Jingdong.

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but also has its drawbacks, I think for Jingdong, it attracted some users may be for the price sensitive users, the user will not be long-term it website? Is the Jingdong store users? I am skeptical, because these users just say this thing may be lower than the market price of the way when I’m interested in doing promotion, once you return to the market price he is not interested, once you attract users if this is very sensitive to the price of users, the long term for the Jingdong will not have too many benefits.

Hong Bo said that the current group purchase website though, but nationwide group purchase exhibitions numbered, due to the low threshold and the homogenization of competition, to become one of the most tragic group purchase into the field of Internet competition, but for the later, this is also a great opportunity, because of the emergence of industry giants to.

Hong Bo: group purchase entry threshold is very low, basically have to contact a few people, a few businessmen can do a group purchase website, but it is obvious that it has led to the group purchase website Yiyongershang uneven in quality over a period of time, in fact, are also a lot of problems, damage the interests of consumers, goods not board, service don’t wait, I think this is the problem encountered in the development stage. When the industry has just started, is certainly what situation Nishajuxia will appear, but.

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