Zhang Jindong said Suning transformation roadmap internal mail into marketing practices

Zhang Jindong said Suning transformation roadmap internal mail into marketing practices

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on the first working day of the year of the snake, Suning chairman Zhang Jindong put forward the "store" concept, which is called the force of electronic commerce.

according to media reports, the news comes from Zhang Jindong sent to the company’s private e-mail. But soon, Suning released to the outside world, Zhang Jindong 17 in the group’s annual spring deployment will be on the speech content. In this speech, Zhang said Suning’s new position is the shop + electricity supplier + retail service providers, which has become a roadmap for the future development of suning.

retail giants of the electricity supplier transformation, the total can not escape the left hand right hand questioned. Ma Yun and last year, a bet on the, it triggered a discussion of whether the electricity supplier can replace the traditional retail industry. Ma Yun believes that the electricity supplier to win. Wang Jianlin is a compromise, both sides can live".


large stores resources will become the retail giants burden? Zhang Jindong believes that the relationship between online and offline is not either this or that. The future of retail enterprises, must be the perfect integration of online and offline."

Zhang Jindong said, Suning summed up the two conclusions: first, the main force of e-commerce should be store, but not the essence of the electricity supplier, retail profits depend on the localization of management and service; second, the development of e-commerce is dominated by retail enterprises themselves, not dominated by electricity providers, service providers, e-commerce the real economy is not the virtual economy, virtual economy real economy will inevitably lead to a bubble economy.

retail seems simple, but always keep pace with the times, the Internet era of retail, information into the network of communication, the money into an electronic turn, the realization of automated sorting. Facing the change trend of retail elements, blocking is futile under mantis, the wait is warm water frog appeasement, the correct attitude is to master the change of retail technology, leading to change yourself, change."

in addition to the online and offline collaborative shop + electricity supplier, Zhang Jindong also proposed the concept of retail service providers for the first time. In this regard, suning.com executive vice president Li Bin said yesterday, which means that Suning open platform business. Suning insiders said that Suning will be based on the organizational structure, the annual plan, business strategy and other aspects of the adjustment, the program has been basically established, the recent announcement.

news in depth

internal mail into a new marketing approach

Ma Yun was called the new mode of "originator"

CEO "these are not just employees see" internal mail "speed may have no online fast forwarding." Today, the Internet bigwigs have become the protagonist of the internal news broke the news, a netizen can not help but make such a feeling.

In fact,

, were careful not difficult to find, since the beginning of last year, a number of well-known Internet companies whenever something big to announce first, there will be a "master" internal mail flow, and by many websites, micro-blog forwarding.

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