Gome Suning online for the first time a positive PK out of the April war electric Jingdong

Gome Suning online for the first time a positive PK out of the April war electric Jingdong

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in April, Gome, Suning Electric holding Rangli promotion banner, reburning price war. However, due to the absence of Jingdong, the original War Within Three Kingdoms into the United States and Soviet hegemony".

in April 8th, after the completion of the integration of the United States online January officially announced the launch of a long "strongest anniversary month super none other promotional activities, and the activities of the time will continue to" 51 "golden week. The concern is that in the "before opening the strongest anniversary month, to the front of the United States online chairman Mou Guixian released" eulogy "business from behind the scenes, led the industry and the public attention, it is also regarded as the anniversary banner.

insiders said that after preliminary exploration and accumulation, traditional enterprises have shown great strength and explosive force, Gome and Suning while the main competitors and the occasion, naturally will not miss the opportunity to seize market share. At present, the low price competition is still the most effective means, so Gome Suning is bound to set off a new round of price war.

"Soviet" front line of the first attack of

in the United States in such a high-profile way to provoke a price war, followed by some electricity supplier. As the line of years of competition, Suning also announced a series of promotional activities in the line, also focused on the United States 418 anniversary day. At this point, the two sides have some tit for tat gunpowder.

electricity supplier observers pointed out that since entering the field of e-commerce, Gome and Suning did not launch a direct price war, but the goal of a common competitor Jingdong. After many times the price war, the formation of the United States and the Soviet Union, War Within Three Kingdoms’s situation, but now, due to the absence of the Jingdong price war, the United States and the Soviet Union will naturally spearhead the other side.

from the current point of view, the United States launched a line of "the strongest anniversary month, suning.com launched the" youth Trilogy ", which both sides claimed will peak in the 418 day, therefore, the United States online with suning.com in April 18th for the first time, or will usher in a positive confrontation.

electricity supplier observers believe that the upcoming outbreak in April, the United States and the Soviet Union, to some extent, reflects the subtle changes in the current pattern of the industry. In fact, Ning three what happened last year, Gome, Su Jingdong leading the company’s electricity supplier price war, will be transformed into the online version of the "Soviet hegemony", regardless of the outcome, will form a serious threat to the existing status of Jingdong.

why Jingdong quit War Within Three Kingdoms


not long ago, Jingdong mall proposed "respite" strategy, in 2013 as the key Jingdong adjustment and practicing "internal strength". In 2013 around the soviet-u.s. first round of price war comes, Jingdong still hang out "mianzhanpai".

, however, some analysts believe that the move Jingdong can only be wishful thinking". >

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