How to determine whether the domain name is Baidu and Google K too

How to determine whether the domain name is Baidu and Google K too

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domain name selection is very important for a web site, so how can judge whether a domain name search engine K? Today and share some of their common practice, hope that we can help.

everyone after making a website to choose a domain name for the site, and the choice of the domain name is also very important in the optimization step, choose a good domain name, will be of great help to the development of the website, if you choose a domain name K or cheating. Then, for the website traffic, especially in the search engine performance, that has great influence, so how to determine whether a domain name is k or

is used?

1: first of all to the domain name query center to check the domain name or domain name as million net can query the situation where the registered information is previously registered this website provides the query function and the function is still very strong can look at other functions.

if the registration has to be careful, and then look at whether the K has been recorded.

2: the site domain name: see if record and then check the reverse link by link: or domain, can also provide inquires into some site reverse connect to query or search engine to use the command query, if there is a reverse connection, and site is not the result, then the domain name is likely to be K.

3: direct input web site has a record, and site is not recorded, then it may be K over.

4: by looking at the domain name history page and the world ranking and Alexa ranking can also see that the domain name has been used.

5: check whether the domain name has done the site, open the domain name you want to enter the query and then press Take Me Back, if you do the site will have data show.

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