Electricity supplier between three kinds of game

Electricity supplier between three kinds of game

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is a brave man, but in between the electricity supplier by the brave is not able to completely win, the reason is that all the electricity supplier is the brave, no way before. Game of war between the electricity supplier gradually sublimation, open plot are ready, can not see the game is more worthy of attention. After the electricity industry has experienced in the feudal lords vying for the throne again and again a large number of sets, through continuous sand, time has experience tells us that the competitive electricity supplier industry must combine their resources and brand together to attack, to the battlefield, to become a champion in the. In the long war between the electricity supplier in the game there is a gimmick hype promotional price war, station, and the upcoming open platform war.


war campaign gimmickThe

campaign gimmick battle is between the electricity supplier is the most usual tricks, it is customary, because this method is very effective for consumers. Whether it is a Jingdong or mall, Gome, or Taobao, has been a long war stunt rally competition, especially reflected in the festival activities, the competition among electricity providers everywhere, no one is absent. The mall’s mobile phone Jingdong like Jingdong, 51 Sheng Hui: six brands, the price to 51 special offer resources, full release ", while the United States is amazing, a slogan:" the strongest anniversary month, grab the explosion May, 3 days, 1 billion "in the propaganda gimmick, business competition among more and more the race is not ambiguous,. Because the electricity supplier knows, although the festival is very short, but the festive atmosphere, the promotion campaign gimmick can produce considerable return in a few days, Taobao 11 double sales break 10 billion, thus, this is not a small number, stunt rally war can not be ignored.

2, promotional price war

electricity supplier price war has been smoke four, a long standing price for them to win the opportunity to display. The May Day holiday, all ready to do business, promotional activities in advance, the golden period to improve product sales, enhance corporate image. The prologue to the development of the electric appliance store is relying on suning.com and Gome online, not only that, electricity providers who have eager, like consumers set off a shopping spree. In the May Day promotional activities, the price war has been taken seriously by various electricity providers, the use price as a promotional features, because consumers are more and more know how to price, more and more attention to cost. Therefore, the price war between the electricity supplier is the lasting war game, through the current price war between the electricity supplier has shown the advantages and disadvantages, and in such a situation, the price of the degree of concern in the major electricity supplier marketing process was improved, the user attention and media attention, a rise again.

3, open platform battle

after the brutal price war, comprehensive B2 has an initial situation. It is not easy for us to get more benefits in the long price war. Therefore, it is necessary to plan new strategic deployment, which gradually formed an open platform for the war. In 2013 the electricity supplier open platform war >

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