CN domain name will continue to be popular or flooding

CN domain name will continue to be popular or flooding

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CNNIC data show that launched in early 07, CN domain one yuan experience activities, CN domain name from a few hundred dollars a few years ago stroll down to one yuan, and even individual agents down to $0.99. From that day, CN began a large-scale domain name registration boom, which registered events occur frequently. Increase speed of CN domain name rose amazing, at the end of September this year, the registered amount has reached 7 million 150 thousand, with the continuous progress of the Internet business, more foreign companies have also joined the ranks of the domain name CN. Put aside the domain name ownership does not say, in the end CN domain name will continue to be popular or to flood?

today, although the CN domain name registrations exceeded 8 million at historic highs, in addition to the enterprise, the real real use of CN domain name how many? It is understood that the CN domain name registration of individuals accounted for the vast majority, although the CN domain showed explosive growth, the global ranking in the national domain to achieve the "three jump" rise from fourth to second, but the ranking, personally think that there is no practical significance. Due to the sudden decline in domain name high price, thus the development of China’s Internet ecosystem has produced many adverse effects.

price is not necessarily a good thing, the price of one yuan CN domain name, most of them are registered batch of precipitation down. Although the CN domain was fried a lot, also has some of the old people to own a registered CN domain name, but really used to do or use less and less, is to follow the trend of fashion fun just registered a. The CN domain name in the eyes of the people is no longer a noble name, with the roadside easy to build things that have no difference. What if higher prices next year, there will be most of the CN domain was deleted, or if kept low, settle a matter by leaving it unsettled; it will also have the most CN domain name is buried in the "trash". The increase in the number of CN domain name registration, the development of the Internet has a great impact. From the point of view of the search engine, there have been a lot of garbage sites and data, the search engine at home and abroad have a great impact on the accuracy of the data.


domain is low, just registered a CN domain name used for advertising page, draw flow, deceive netizens often not fresh. Also led to the normal development of instant messaging. Recently, the Tencent in order not to deal with the current increasingly fierce Chinese spam sites have made the shielding part of CN domain,.CN domain name because once as low as sales price of one yuan, resulting in a large number of CN domain names used in the manufacture of link factories and garbage information website, and through a virus or other way in the QQ chat information increase tail information, mislead users into some garbage sites, this kind of situation is increasing, leading to a Tencent directly shielding most of the CN domain name, but such a situation simply palliatives. Prior to Microsoft MSN has also been a similar situation, the cheap INFO domain shield. In addition to the domestic and foreign advertising network alliance unit, it is obvious that there are a lot of economic losses, a large number of junk domain name has created a huge waste

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