Taobao rectification flower gardening commodities cures melon melon not

Taobao rectification flower gardening commodities cures melon melon not

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as the saying goes "a hog", but is what to do if buy false seed? The Qixi Festival is selling flowers, another round of the upcoming season, Taobao launched a period of two months of flowers and gardening goods special, make full use of big data tools, originality will easily appeared on the market the hundreds of fake photographs of all false seed storage, carry out the whole network wanted ", once there is someone who try to release the suspect on Taobao, you can immediately take action.

rose rose to create a gimmick to deceive gardening enthusiasts

according to the special person in charge, the second Taobao Lu Zhipeng introduction, with the improvement of living standards and the requirements of the quality of life is more and more intense, flower gardening industry is the rapid development of hand Amoy community circle data show that the top three is full of flowers and gardening consumption, so it is necessary for Taobao to develop the good and eliminate the bad, to enhance the consumer service experience, while helping businesses get profits to develop more high-quality products, the formation of a virtuous cycle of trading.

therefore, from May this year to carry out special rectification actions before the project team to carry out research on special flower gardening trading on the market, found that the most prominent problem is the colorful roses, blue roses, blue and looks very cool Clivia flowers, or square watermelon, such as ginseng fruit is not unique to the goods the existence of this species in real life, it is a businessman using a stain or by external mold manufacturing gimmick.

addition, like Phalaenopsis, rose itself can only be obtained by vegetative propagation of plants, unable to breed and growth of seeds, but there are also some unscrupulous traders selling the seed profit, in addition to "cry up wine and sell vinegar" or even sell dead seeds phenomenon also occurred. Because the fruit, ball and seedling, need long time cultivation will be found deceived, so the inconvenience to the consumer rights.

Hundreds of flowers into the problem of

picture library Netcom Ji

in order to prevent such unscrupulous traders to Taobao online transfer, give full play to its advantages, through big data technology, hundreds of pictures of the merchandise on the market more serious problem of all storage, and every day is still updated — that is to say, the storage of flowers is wanted, as long as the merchants tried to publish them on Taobao big data, the system can immediately grab and take action.

in addition, Taobao also remind consumers, remove the problem by increasing the goods, increase the dynamic account period, increase margin, forcing consumers to limit inferior businesses to participate in any marketing activities, limited quality business promotion activities etc., on the goods of the whole network besieged. By focusing on remediation, since May this year, the special action group has removed nearly 20 thousand pieces of flowers gardening goods, more than 500 stores closed.

mid August on-line tips beware of consumer trap

Lu Zhipeng said that the source of fake seeds or online, so now Taobao has teamed up with the government of Suqian city in Jiangsu province in Shuyang County, bad business education. Shuyang >

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