7 points 2 points 1 points perseverance eyes luck 10 minon

7 points 2 points 1 points perseverance eyes luck 10 minon

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Corn is the first to play here

and called himself a minon

bold said he is playing with the rice

is not their wealth

but his attitude is very calm

99 contact network

00 began to do stand

money what to me is not particularly important

it also decided I would be a 10 master, not a 10 cent sale

The first station is about

the earliest don’t understand what the domain name, only know that there is space for access to

but still very clever with db7.myrice.com beckham7.yeah.net

slowly know the importance of domain names also learned some domain knowledgeWhen reading the

money first domain name is devidbeckham.com typical TYP meters

foreign free application, I have white day, so good that the domain name has been registered to me

so in 150 years to buy davidbeckham7.net nets

heard later official station is R9XXX.com Ronaldo

and pay 1000 in Nanjing at a big brother

also officially embarked on the road of the webmaster + minon

03 years until graduation, China became the business agent, officially began to invest in Maize

but because of lack of experience, and what the busy work (only to work, not so much time on the Internet)

(but the same interest is too strong, but good Pinyin many meters)

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