China’s rural online shopping this year is expected to exceed 460 billion yuan

China’s rural online shopping this year is expected to exceed 460 billion yuan

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Xinhua news agency, Beijing, December (reporter Zhao Wenjun) – in the first half of this year, the scale of rural online shopping reached 316 billion yuan, the annual forecast value is expected to exceed $460 billion. This is the reporter from 12 rural electricity supplier brand integrity strategy cooperation press conference was informed.

the event organized by the rural electricity supplier brand integrity alliance, industry experts from the Ministry of industry, the Ministry of science and technology, China Technology Market Association and other departments of the rural electricity supplier platform merchants nearly 200 ginseng.

China Productivity Promotion Center Association, said Liu Yulan, China’s rural electricity supplier diversified competition pattern began to form, multi forces compete for rural electricity supplier market. Is a Jingdong with ALI, Suning, represented by the electricity supplier giant to penetrate into the rural areas; two is including Gongxiaozongshe, China post in the rural village post promotion platform, platform Chinese post has covered nearly 200 thousand villages; three is the agricultural listed companies. The investment in the associate cloud farm, Jin Zhengda, Hui Fung shares nearly 20 agricultural listed companies set off electricity supplier agricultural competition; four is the local rural business platform, it is estimated that there are more than 1 thousand national. In addition, there are about 2 million entrepreneurs in the county agricultural business platform business.

The general manager of

Beijing happy farm limited liability company Chen Jiang, happy farm through the integration of the traditional rural supermarket business resources, provide a wide range of business services to rural areas, at the same time, the safety of agricultural and sideline products in rural areas the most original and bring city consumers.

according to statistics, at the end of the three quarter of this year, the country has built rural electricity supplier service point of 350 thousand, administrative village coverage has more than half. In addition to our existing rural online shopping, 150 billion yuan, 280 billion yuan electricity supplier of agricultural products agricultural scale electricity supplier, rural electricity supplier has formed trillion yuan market.

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