Beautiful home to give a man Makeup 168 yuan expensive

Beautiful home to give a man Makeup 168 yuan expensive

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] April 14th news billion state power network, home beauty beauty home recently O2O platform aimed at male users, provide on-site services for the majority of other men’s beauty. It is understood that the United States home is formally launched by the end of 2014 the beauty of the O2O platform, in addition to providing personal beauty services to individual consumers, but also through the development of large-scale activities and the way the line of customer groups.

(pictured: beautiful home APP page screenshot)

According to the WeChat home

public number, there have been hundreds of other men beauty makeup service provider’s home, the price set at 168 yuan and 268 yuan, to provide basic hair, eyebrow, adjust the color correction, dressing, eye makeup and lip beard adjustment project for men’s beauty. At present, the beard provide mature gentleman Mr., pretty boys, Esquire four main makeup, but suggested that the app side of the beauty at home said, all the other can be based on user preferences style adjusted collocation, and to remind the user to do the work of skin, keep skin best.

(pictured: man makeup makeup introduction interface screenshot)

at present, the United States has been open to the home, including Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Sanya, including 16 cities. But the billion state power network found that some of the city opened only part of the service, many of the city only to provide on-site service, Manicure make-up, hairdressing and cosmetic contact lenses business did not open. According to earlier reports, in early 2015, "beautiful home" founder Guanqing said in its 2014 annual gold Make-up Artist Awards, the home will be completed Pre round of financing of about A million yuan in January 2015.

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