Huang Manxi how to realize the auto parts electronic commerce mode leap

Huang Manxi how to realize the auto parts electronic commerce mode leap

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with the Tencent, web portal for the country’s first professional auto parts online trading platform officially launched the news release, auto parts auto parts trading from the traditional mode of talent shows itself, become a new milepost in auto parts industry of electronic commerce. However, the development of online shopping is suitable for auto parts industry, there are still many difficulties, but all the auto parts network seems to launch e-commerce auto industry has brought a new opportunity.

Auto Parts Network: virtual Auto City e-commerce

website with mode of e-commerce Alibaba, Dangdang and other mature, more and more Internet users to choose online shopping, so more of the Internet industry pioneer began to test the water, but because the audience’s purchase habits, not all industries can find their own profit curve in the e-business model.

so as to obtain a good network of auto parts development route, preliminary planning is very important. Which is different from the e-commerce platform, all auto parts network has inherent competitive advantage. Mo field that, because all parts of the city is the Dongguan municipal government planning large-scale professional auto parts market, already has more than more than and 400 shops in the auto parts entity, entity resources to solve all auto parts network supply and trust issues, all auto parts network to provide online service platform of Southern China chief Carsell, the auto parts firm the online trading of buyers and sellers of confidence.

Trust: a unique user experience

with the increase in the income of residents, Dongguan car ownership is also rising; so the auto market demand will increase with the. In the view of Jane beauty site operations consultant Huang Manxi, website user groups is no need to worry, the key is how to allow users to use, provided all auto parts network online auto ordering service. Here, also provides two unique user experience:

1, virtual Auto City electronic map is the first to see the business into the Auto Parts City 3D electronic map, when the user clicks on the map, will enter the plane map all Auto Parts City, you can choose any street to enter, and each street has been opened the business website auto shops show, these shops are mostly all auto parts city entity shops, it is deepen the user for the website online to buy auto product confidence and selective.

2, independent merchants and product search

by independent business and product search, users can conveniently search the type of service and product classification required; so as to reduce the transaction costs of users, improve the pass rate of online transactions, to facilitate the search for users at the same time, but also for businesses to provide the fastest way to display display.

set up by various user-friendly website, will give users the auto parts network is not only a simple online purchase, but a convenient demand experience; not only to meet the needs of users, but also reduce the user cost to buy online.

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