2016 takeaway O2O commercial left to right

2016 takeaway O2O commercial left to right

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just over the years, takeaway business began to fire up, as the O2O camp darling arena has always been no shortage of takeaway gezonglianheng drama, someone, who defeated and dispersed menacing; some people make snap, there are people in the situation. 2016, with the tightening of capital and the decline in subsidies, cool down the challenge of taking away the O2O will be growing. Standing at the beginning of the year of the monkey, we might as well talk about a variety of takeaway O2O, and make some predictions and recommendations.


business model is not worth talking about the value of the model

has been taking away the field of O2O there is a debate on the pattern of light and heavy mode, but I want to talk about today’s business model outside the value model. Business model as its name implies is the business as the center, that is, through what means or ways to make money. The value model is based on value, including the key elements of value proposition, value creation and value realization. In short, the value is how you can solve the user pain points, seeking to capture value as a platform for the opportunity to explore the user needs under the premise, so that enterprises in the realization of customer value maximization and achieve sustained profitability targets. In the field of takeaway O2O, user pain points (sometimes hi is the pain point) there are many aspects, the vast majority of the platform only see the distribution of the fast, but for how to eat delicious and safe food, or according to their own preferences, eat some distinctive and high-quality delicacy and other pain points blind, or shortsighted only see the immediate benefits, such as low price for orders.

end of last year, the United States to take away the launch of the United States Mission crowdsourcing in the country to start a large-scale Franchisee Recruitment, I think this is still stuck in the pursuit of a platform for the profit of the business model. After all, this Crowdsourcing mode and catering to join the brand are very different, not only can not guarantee the quality of service platform, it is difficult to truly join and wear the same pants, because everyone’s starting point is thinking about money, so often ignore the user experience, not to mention the creative to provide users with value.

has no user value of commercial activity is not long, the takeaway O2O second half will return to the value of competition mode, the barrier effect only the pursuit of business model, will face the choice and test of users.

chase platform strategy rather than focus on supply chain value

In fact,

from the second half of last year, the takeaway area has begun to put up a pageantry of subsidies burn convergence, since the beginning of 2016, take out large subsidies to reduce burn is an indisputable fact, there will be a decline in orders. The zero line and sent the fun part of the dissolution of layoffs storm area team, illustrates the industry competition, on the other hand is to put not to mention the takeaway platform strategy O2O poured cold water.

in the Internet era, platform strategy and ecosystem construction is large

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