From the perspective of e commerce site traffic source and what to do

From the perspective of e commerce site traffic source and what to do

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note: "today’s analysis" is an analysis of the problems faced by electronic commerce column. So please housekeeping station to look at the column in the e-commerce perspective.

traffic come from?

we shouted every day traffic, but also want to get traffic, then how to flow from the flow of a shop on the analysis can draw some conclusions:

search engine traffic is higher than other traffic sources, which can reflect a few problems: first, the site did not do traffic promotion of such a thing, there is no good operation. The result can only be the search engine to become the largest source of traffic. Two, the site’s key words, content to do well. Yes, you have a good enough SEO to make your site get the best results. The search engine is a long-term, and is a kind of traffic entrance cost is very low, but the relative flow will be relatively stable, so the store needs to do is to adjust the product name, store content, product pictures and other content construction.

train traffic is higher than other traffic, can be accounted for by the proportion of the size to determine the effect of its delivery, if the traffic flow through the great increase, then explain the effect of the train is obvious. If the train traffic is relatively small, this only shows that the effect of delivery problems, is a picture of the effect is not good, or bad position, or for other local sites to bring traffic and leads to great train effect is relative weakening. Marketers need to adjust according to the flow characteristics of the train to put the job, how to make good use of the great train effect, in addition to price, selection and application of the picture is to train the influence on the effect. Through the car is a high cost of investment promotion programs, such inputs caused by the flow of instability, when the extension of the train once canceled, its traffic is bound to disappear. So it is important how to digest the flow of this easy to disappear, the flow into relatively stable.


train traffic is not stable, but the flow is warm, that is to say, the flow of most nutrients, the visitor’s desire to buy is the strongest.

site jump, jump from other sites, which is mainly related to the community in the release of the event information, or links to some sites. Media reports link. This part of the flow relative to the train is relatively stable, but there will be a recession process. It depends on where the link is located. If it is in the community, will make this post fiery degree to determine the stability of traffic. Here the most classic case is the first floor of Taobao marketing program. By building the first floor to enhance the degree of attention, to maintain this community site jump traffic increase and labor. If the link in the blog, then it also depends on the degree of the fiery blog. If the blog continues to strengthen their blog quality and update speed, then jump from the blog traffic will maintain a relatively stable.

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