Discussion on the online payment method

Discussion on the online payment method

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in the field of electronic commerce, information flow, capital flow and logistics is known as restricting the development of the industry "three stream", "logistics" as a part of three "in last and must be solved, the importance of self-evident. Cash on delivery service (CashOnDelivery) refers to a transaction when the goods or services are delivered when the actual payment, is different from the prior payment. The consignor shall deliver the goods to the consignee without payment of any fee from the receiving party, and then the goods shall be collected by the logistic party and sent to the consignee.

at present, a lot of online stores have opened the payment service items. For the support of the service businesses, this is a relatively transparent trading safeguard measures to attract buyers and make the business for a long time to start. Whether it is Taobao, pat, ah, and other large trading platform or the use of shopex, ECSHOP and other independent online shop system, the use of payment methods are summarized as follows:

(1) payment system trading platform of its own, such as taobao.com Alipay, pat Network caifutong, BaiduPay has ah.

(2) online banking, such as online banking online, pay @ treasure, etc..

(3) other payment methods, such as bank transfer, postal remittance, etc..

cash on delivery service and the payment method in comparison, is very attractive to buyers, buyers can guarantee the safety of funds, but also more convenient to try online shopping, "online shopping is not break because they do not trust, do not trust because not tried" trust dead circulation, cultivate a sense of trust for online shopping the buyer’s risk reduction. In other words, the cash on delivery service is the buyer as the core, to protect the interests of buyers, the risk will be shared between the seller and the seller. Sellers to ensure that the quality of goods, quantity, to ensure that the shop display of goods and the actual delivery of goods in line, enhance the credibility of the seller. Logistics side to protect the goods in the course of transportation intact, enhance the sense of responsibility of logistics. Buyers on the goods to the payment of a great initiative, the seller of goods packaging, the quality of the parts of the goods as well as the logistics side of the service attitude is likely to become the buyer does not pay the factors.

August 20, 2009, Taobao relevant responsible person, in the full implementation of the net cash on delivery, the buyer received the goods and payment after inspection can be, no longer need to use the Internet banking. All involved in the payment of the seller must be the seller or the seller to join the consumer protection plan. Buyers in the transaction within 14 days after the success of the goods found to be a problem, you can click on the "security card" initiated by the consumer protection complaints, claims. It can be seen that the cash on delivery service has become an important means of payment for the mainstream trading platform, but also an important means to attract buyers, increase the volume of transactions.

cash on delivery service would attract buyers? Credit Union chief said: a lot of massive online shop by payment is not the same, in the case of Alipay, Taobao in the online purchase.

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