How to protect your customer experience during the Spring Festival holiday

How to protect your customer experience during the Spring Festival holiday

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express topic, since October, on the Internet every day visible. It is due to Taobao and diesel tight mall promotional singles day will be the courier company warehouse explosion (refers to the courier company suddenly received too many express orders, can not lead to a large number of delay time to send by courier, completely hidden pilot).

continues to this day, also express "slow delivery" phenomenon still did not get much and ease way, itself existing warehouse explosion plus persistently holiday online shopping promotions, more is slow; moreover, at the end of the work flow of personnel, the resignation caused by the shortage of manpower, There are plenty of people who, influenced the work efficiency; secondly, the end of the traffic is very busy, weather and traffic will cause great influence factors.

now, the Spring Festival is approaching, many courier companies no longer receive a single piece or no longer receive money, as a small seller of you, how to protect your customer experience, how to protect your sales?

first, before the holiday: details, promotions into focus

remember to ask the courier in advance: when do you stop receiving, after the Spring Festival when to pick up a single, these dates must be clear, each courier companies are not the same. And then make an announcement, so that each person can be seen in advance of the store. So that they can buy goods before the Spring Festival, do not miss the last delivery time.

line once a day to see what message or evaluation. Some buyers will not take the initiative to find the seller. So what is the problem or take the initiative to solve the problem as soon as possible, the longer the delay the more trouble. After all, we have to continue to do business after the spring festival.

before the Spring Festival, some need an ample supply of goods. After the business is going to continue, because when we can send the factory has not started. Generally they have 15 began to formally started, so it is easy to appear at least 1 months Duanhuo period.

since there is no delivery during the Spring Festival, then, the best time to grasp is in the holiday before the holiday shopping spree and other gifts, to promote sales, sales reached. First in the shop to create a festive atmosphere, the Chinese people like to join in the fun, whether it is offline or online, but also can reflect the popularity of the site, so that buyers feel more comfortable shopping here. You can add so few points: 1, on the mall for appropriate decoration, such as hanging some will flashing advertisements, background and so on, 2, this comment, as many, 3, let the buyer feel a sense of urgency, such as prominent "only today just enjoy this price" and "limited edition 100" and so on. Advertising language.

two, holiday: Notice statement not single can order


is not the way to do business, also give yourself a holiday, then the need to give the customer a statement, so as not to pursue the order delivery, then appeal. Available for once:

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