How to do brand marketing in the nternet Era

How to do brand marketing in the nternet Era

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is currently in our country, SEO and network marketing, or brand marketing and other marketing level is not related to the two pieces. Although there are some SEO companies began to rise to the marketing level of SEO, but I think it is also very few. According to the author’s perception of the past few years, the vast majority of SEO companies in the industry have failed to do enough professional, mostly to learn some fur, they began to get started. Earn one on the line. Of course, this is not bad.

pulled far, and today I see a little change in the Google input method to think of the topic of brand marketing. Use Google input method you will find today, the input box to each type of Google logo. don’t look down upon this change, it shows that marketing is not a long talk with eloquence. But in every tiny detail. In the eyeball economy era, a vast expanse of water every day as the information is coming, every one of us every day to accept information is limited, and as each brand marketer, how can let everyone see that his existence is the core problem in the limited time. So Google in the input bar shows a small logo is the best embodiment of a detailed marketing.

to talk about the fact that when we drink Coca-Cola, very few people to consider this drink is not good to drink, that is, when thirsty, subconsciously to buy a bottle of Coca-Cola. This is the brand popular. Let you linger. As our average net name is actually very little to see in the end is the search engine quality is high. Then decided to ordinary Internet search engine that is, to a large extent, depends on the search engine more popular. I have time on the pedal tricycle on the streets are covered with posters of Baidu on the street to see, and some old dilapidated, but it doesn’t matter. Marketing to the romans. In addition, I also heard that Baidu in the rural market in rural areas in the farmhouse brush some similar to the rich, Baidu advertising. Whether it is true or not, but it must be a very good marketing penetration means.

in the network age, do a good job of brand promotion has great potential to explore, but the premise is to do a good job of network marketing to deeply understand the spirit of the Internet, the work should be fine and thin.

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