Ming use Baidu Post Bar promotion method to share

Ming use Baidu Post Bar promotion method to share

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Post Bar as the largest Chinese community has attracted more and more attention to the webmaster do website promotion, many popular Post Bar such as wow, legend, Li Yuchun even flow and mop, so the community be roughly the same. But because Baidu is Baidu’s Post Bar community, is a very important point in the Baidu Post Bar website promotion is to consider their search engine. In view of the high popularity of Baidu post bar and Baidu as China’s largest search engine particularity, in Baidu post bar do promotion also has two different ways. If you are a regular station, then please be cautious about using Baidu Post Bar to do website promotion, you must keep a premise is don’t be Baidu to your domain name to K off, so the theme of the promotion of the relative limitations, can not do too. If you just to higher, I suggest you crazy promotion in Baidu, the most popular Post Bar crazy posts, in a variety of ways to induce users to visit your website. Of course, your site is the best free domain name two forums, such as 5d6d, such as free forum. Then take a few alliance of advertisement, do some pop also don’t expect what to repeat, do good things every day there are tens of thousands of IP. Hundreds of dollars a day income is guaranteed.

In fact, Baidu

Post Bar after all is a forum to put it as a forum to promote our website can refer to my previous article Ming: use the Forum promotion method free website promotion plan (http://s.www.ttming.com/index.php/market/luntan-tuiguang.html). Are basically similar, but Baidu has a few different we can refer to.

1, the same post is not repeated in different Post Bar post, in multiple Post Bar, at least to some title and content, or you send a few can send out, and it is very easy to be administrator on Baidu.

2, in the post number is not the same Baidu Post Bar promotion too much, 1-3 on the line, there is time to sit on sofa, bring the link is the same, otherwise you will be K.

3, try not to open for advertising can send with links to popular Post Bar Lord is very professional, won’t let you take the post of advertising for a very long time, take it easy about line.

4, advertising is also for your users to consider, do not send meaningless things, and finally to a link from a certain website. It is not like some forums, you can edit the link removed. Either remove the clean, or retain. Many of you also need some fresh things to come in, it is still very many open-minded welcome such advertisements. Having substance in speech post with ads they can open eyes closed eyes, but not too much.

, 5 for IP, it is the Lord’s authority is a seal you might only have 24 hours; ID, it is the Lord’s authority is a top.

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