Analysis why is this blog blog fire

Analysis why is this blog blog fire

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this article is about my personal experience, from the first time to come loose pine blog to now fully understand and understand loose blog, and as their learning goals. Can say a lot of understanding on this blog only do loose thinking and analysis: Lou loose blog

why so fire?

actually wanted to write this article earlier, but it’s brewing. Some netizens is the fear of being cursed, say what you know so much, if you know the reason that you have a "loose blog" come on and so on. If you have this idea, please read this article and see if you can do it.

first from the media:

understand the Lu Songsong blog people know that this is a blog from the media. From the media to do well is not simple, many people will ignore the blog domain name on the influence from the media, I remember the first time into the blog is loose when searching for "301 redirect", my second is in direct input domain, looking for is a 301 redirect, therefore I have this blog.

However, there are many

blog I entered, in second times to go but you can’t think what is the domain name, which also led to my blog called the little ants, emphasized the importance of domain name on a web site.

personally think that the media is the most important communication. I’ve seen a lot of blog from the media, but most of them feel bad after entering, did not smell a little breath of communication, plus the QQ WeChat every day in a number of promotional content.

We all know that

loose every day to share some interesting things that I feel very down to earth, is willing to pay attention to, slowly people will accept some promotional content. It is hoped that those who do from the media can think about.

from the media is more important is a network of contacts is the need to accumulate. This pine brother has the advantage, we know that many of the brothers know the Internet industry, know why these people will do to help from the media, which I do not have to say it in detail.


started doing that song brother blog for a large number of bloggers made visits, this is a pulse accumulation process, believe that this period will also know some great characters, there is some help for the media promotion and the entire network process.


on SEO Optimization:

SEO optimization is divided into SEO station optimization and optimization of the SEO station, the station is optimized to do loose pine blog really good, from the plate to the chain, are around SEO to do.

why do I also use loose theme, there are three reasons:

a, this theme is consistent with the tree inside the SEO distribution format, site optimization is very favorable.

two, themes should be >

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