Telephone sales the search for the intention of customers network products

Telephone sales the search for the intention of customers network products

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the following is a personal experience, this is my 2 years ago to do the production / sales network is a little experience. For reference, the consequences, there is: do not laugh at me Oh!

effect index out of 10 points.

, 1 Pages: effect index: 4 points, because the N competition with us with the same channel

2, TV advertising: effect index: 6 points, easy to become a big customer, but the competition is relatively large.

3, newspaper ads: effect index: 7 points, more and more competitors are eyeing.

4, roadside advertising: effect index: 8 points, more and more competitors are eyeing.

5, the shuttle: usually on the road to pay attention to the units of the shuttle bus, with the company’s name inquiries contact telephone sales, generally have the bus business, the scale can also be.

6, news: in particular, soft news, where money can afford to write soft news, most of them have the strength and advocacy of the enterprise, so it is easy to become a big customer.

7, the political and public interest, such as:: list of eleven members, so entrepreneurs donations, these entrepreneurs are mostly corporate executives or legal persons, according to the name can be found on the Internet after the company, find the contact way, if there is a chance to corporate executives or direct marketing, customer trust this intention the probability of success will be larger.

8, the Olympic Games: the Olympic Games pay more attention to the end of the company’s information: I heard a huge advertising costs, there must be a strength of the company.

9, the network: such as Baidu search for a keyword, where there are behind: promotion words are paid advertising.

10, anti marketing, for example, often receive SMS, spam, etc., we can contact them to sell it.

: I also always play each other directly is the fax number, fax tone, I sent a fax to sell, if is the best (and I think a lot of small and medium enterprises fax machines are placed in the office of the


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